Atlassian Jira

Atlassian Jira

Integrating Jira with other application development, delivery, and business tools keeps teams and information in sync. Using Planview Tasktop Hub, you automatically avoid duplicate data entry, time wasted on status calls and decrease your risk of having key requirements missed. Jira integration allows you to focus on the real value-adding work of developing new features, resolving defects, closing tech debt, and reducing risks.

Keep teams in their tools of choice as they create and update their work items, while Tasktop Hub works in the background to keep everyone up to date. Work items will be seamlessly updated in the right tool for each team.

  • Common cases include: Jira to Azure DevOps, Jira to ServiceNow®, or connecting sales with engineers by integrating Jira to Salesforce
  • Integrate multiple Jira instances that may span Jira Software on premise, Jira Cloud and Jira Data Center or a single Jira that needs to talk to third party tools.
  • Common artifacts flowing in Atlassian Jira integrations include: Story, Bug, Issue, Epic, Sub-task, Custom Issue, and Custom Sub-task.

Integrating your Atlassian Jira tools is great for flowing information across teams and Tasktop Hub can help with this initiative. Planview Tasktop Viz can take your integration to greater success by helping you understand how to optimize your entire value stream management efforts.

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Integrate Jira with ServiceNow®

Other popular integrations

  • • azure-gateway
  • • salesforce-gateway
  • • microfocus-gateway
  • • jama-gateway
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