Plan, deliver, and adapt at the speed of business

with Planview Daptiv PPM software

Planview Daptiv enables PMOs to have the agility, alignment, and enterprise-awareness needed to deliver projects and programs while adapting to changing business priorities.

Planview Daptiv features

  • Clearly map ideas, work requests, and demand to the right projects and initiatives, visually manage the portfolio lifecycle, explore multiple prioritization and roadmap scenarios, evaluate capacity, trade-offs, and more.

    • Idea Intake with Kanban Boards

      Visually track progress as ideas become projects and move across the portfolio lifecycle.

    • Priority Boards

      Use priority boards to help you evaluate new project ideas quickly and easily across an agreed-upon set of criteria.

    • Roadmap with Constraint Analysis

      Visualize your project roadmap and understand how changes will impact resources and budgets.

  • Matching resources to demand can be a complex exercise when projects are competing for a limited set of resources. Planview Daptiv offers both top-down and bottom-up resource planning to drive improved project outcomes.

    • Optimize Resources

      Bottom-up planning matches appropriate resources to projected demand, increasing productivity, and improving outcomes.

    • Capacity Planning

      Top-down planning highlights risks and opportunities early in the planning cycle. Insight into time, budget, and resource constraints improve planning efficiency.

    • Resource and Utilization Analytics

      Analytics help you understand past resource utilization and optimize for the future.

    • Role-based Allocation

      Find the right people for the right projects at the right time.

    • Task Schedules

      Manage detailed work assignments.

    • Timesheets

      Record time worked to provide valuable costing information and a feedback loop to planning.

  • A comprehensive solution for project and program management, tracking work, and improving the PMO’s delivery and time-to-market.

    • Configurability

      Highly configurable modules and capabilities allow you to adjust to the way your organization works.

    • Templates

      Templates set up elements needed to execute project and program tasks and deliverables consistently. Improve performance and successfully deliver on time and on budget to the business.

    • Resource Planning

      Match appropriate resources to projected demand, increase productivity, and improve employee morale.

    • Program Management

      Turn strategic plans into actionable work with workspace hierarchies and roll-ups.

    • Control Project Costs

      Improve the bottom line and contribute greater business value through coordinated planning with visibility into financials.

  • Assess, prioritize, and plan project portfolios through continuous collaboration. Map projects to strategy and manage and monitor progress through easy-to-use tools.

    • Idea Intake and Work Demand Management

      Kanban boards allow you to visually track as ideas become initiatives and across the portfolio lifecycle.

    • 360° Resource Management

      Top-down and bottom-up planning helps avoid resource surprises throughout the portfolio lifecycle.

    • Roadmapping

      Visualize your project roadmap and understand how changes will impact resources and budgets.

    • Scenario Planning

      Reduce overall risk by planning and evaluating initiatives in a variety of situations. As needs change you can easily pivot to saved scenarios.

    • Assess Impacts

      Make better decisions faster by understanding the relationships between projects, capabilities, and applications.

    • Strategy to Execution Alignment

      When teams understand how work ties into enterprise-level strategies, they can better prioritize, focus, and drive better business outcomes.

  • Enable faster, accurate decision-making with intuitive dashboards, insights, and advanced analytics.

    • Embedded Dashboards

      Empower stakeholders to make faster and more accurate decisions with intuitive dashboards.

    • Out-of-the-Box Analytics

      Analytics and insights help you understand past results, visualize trends, and optimize for the future. Automated analytics provides on-demand data with on-demand performance.

    • Configurable, Easy to Use Insights and Stakeholder Views

      Make better decisions, faster. Spend time interpreting and analyzing data, not writing queries.

    • Single Source of Truth

      Pull up-to-date data from your ERP, Agile systems, ITSM, and other applications to analyze all relevant data in one place.

    • Data Visualization with BI Integrations

      Connect your favorite data visualization tool or use our built-in analytics.

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Hear what our customers say about Planview Daptiv

rating 5.0 out of 5 Product Review
“We found Daptiv to have the greatest capability to support our existing methodology and its evolution versus necessitating a change in process in order to deploy the tool.”
Review Source • Gartner Peer Insights
Anonymous IT Systems Manager

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rating 5.0 out of 5 Product Review
“(Planview Daptiv) supports end to end project portfolio management. Demand management including project prioritization is great. The resources and capacity management module is fantastic. The analytics module is very rich leading to ease of report creation and dashboarding.”
Review Source • Capterra
Moses M. General Manager PMO

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rating 5.0 out of 5 Product Review
“Our role as a PMO is to help enable the organization realize its strategic vision through change, and Daptiv is a key enabler for this.”
Review Source • Capterra
Alan W. Strategic PMO Manager

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