Wenn Sie Projekttermine als Terminserie anlegen, installieren Sie diese App, damit die Arbeitsauslastung für alle Ressourcen korrekt berechnet wird.

About This App

If you use recurring tasks in AdaptiveWork to describe project meetings, AdaptiveWork’s defaults may calculate workload incorrectly.

Clarizen’s default behaviour for tasks with multiple resources, is that the work load is shared between them.

On recurring meetings however, each participant dedicates the full time of the meeting (which is not the default).

This app ensures the correct reflection of workload for resources on recurring meetings.

When resources are added to a recurring task the resource’s “unit” is set to 100%, so each participant’s workload is the same as the duration of the meeting.

Also the total work of the task is then * – (so if you have 4 participants in a meeting of 2 hours, each of them actually works 2 hours and 8 hours are dedicated totally).


EntityRule Name
TaskAssign Unit=100% to resources in recurring task