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The quest to transform a business never stops. As an Agile Coach, you have to empower everyone, regardless of the role they play in an organization, to participate in meaningful ways and strive for continuous improvement. Through your servant leadership, you can promote a culture of change. But it takes more than a mindset shift to realize the full potential of Agile at scale.

To scale Agile beyond a siloed group of Agile teams means adding stability to teams, aligning them on a common planning and delivery cadence, and connecting their work for end-to-end visibility and insights. The software an organization selects to support Agile adoption and growth can either make or break your efforts. So, why not help the organizations you’re working with choose software that can propel them to greatness?

How can Planview help an Agile Coach?

Provide end-to-end visibility

Agile Portfolio Kanban Screen Ansehen

Effectively align strategy to delivery and see the flow of value across teams, programs, and portfolios, in real time, with enterprise Kanban boards.

Model any workflow

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Map out team and teams of teams process as it exists today or leverage best practices with pre-defined Kanban board templates. Easily adjust boards to represent process changes as your teams evolve their approach over time.

Connect teams

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Connect teams working in a mix of Agile team tools – including Jira Software, Azure DevOps, Rally Software, Digital.ai, and more – leveraging an array of workflows and configurations with a single, highly configurable program or teams-of-teams board for cross-team collaboration.

Enable coordinated planning and delivery

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Support teams in planning, prioritizing, and executing their work, while providing insights into work status and progress as well as dependencies, risks, and impediments that can impact delivery.

Optimize flow and promote continuous improvement

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Utilize board health metrics involving bottlenecks, WIP, and throughput to guide the optimization of workflows, improve velocity, and better prioritize efforts for more predictable delivery. Use Lean and Agile metrics to assess team performance and promote continuous improvement.

Flexibly implement Agile frameworks

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Support the constructs and practices associated with all Agile methodologies and Enterprise Agile Frameworks like SAFe®, LeSS, DA, Spotify, and others.

Hear what our customers have to say


Sichtbarkeit, Zusammenarbeit, funktionsübergreifende Teams

„Wir nutzen das Leankit-Board und Kartenhierarchien in Form von Sprints, um zu erkennen, ob wir funktionsübergreifende Teams haben, die an denselben Projekten arbeiten. Dies gilt insbesondere für Projekte, zwischen denen es Abhängigkeiten gibt. Die Eltern-Kind-Beziehung innerhalb der Karten ist wirklich hilfreich, weil wir dadurch beim Versuch, Projekte abzuschließen, erkennen können, welche Arten von Abhängigkeiten bestehen.“
Beth Noser Application Analyst
University of Kansas Medical Center
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Flexibilität, Benutzerfreundlichkeit

„Die Benutzeroberfläche von Leankit ist gleichzeitig flexibel, leistungsfähig und einfach zu nutzen.“
Ofir C

Read product review:Planview LeanKit™

Implementation, Onboarding

“LeanKit is easy to use and the setup didn’t take a long time.”

Read product review:Planview LeanKit™

Planview LeanKit™

“Agile is a journey, but what’s great about having LeanKit is people can finally see value in what we are asking them to do. When everybody is engaged, they don’t wonder why they’re doing something. They can see how their efforts roll up into achieving overall organizational goals.”
Janette Brace Agile coach
Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU)
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Planview LeanKit™

“We discovered LeanKit was the enabler to extend the Agile mindset beyond the IT department, helping teams who benefit from using Kanban boards.”
Sheri Keller Agile coach
Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU)
Read case study:Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU)

Planview LeanKit™

“When we were comparing tools, we found that Planview LeanKit was distinctively better in flexibility and Kanban board design.”
Alex Agile/Kanban Coach

Read case study:Agile/Kanban Coach
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Planview’s Agile Program Management Solution

Whether you want to coordinate and facilitate Program Increment (PI) or Quarterly planning, launch and manage teams of teams or Agile Release Trains, and/or connect and consolidate disparate Agile teams, Planview’s Agile Program Management solution brings everything together inside highly configurable program boards. Give your Agile teams a way to visualize, plan, coordinate, and deliver your organization’s biggest initiatives quickly, effectively, and with clear insight into the value delivered.

Learn more about Planview’s Agile Program Management solution

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