About the Planview Partner Program

The Planview Partner Network is a program that fosters mutual success through commitment to client success in PPM and product development software with sustainable revenue opportunities and partner education.


Sustainable revenue


Planview Partner Network

Our primary goal is customer success. Satisfied customers invest more in our solutions and evangelize our brand.

  1. Your customers are our customers.
  2. Planview provides active support for sales campaigns and solution implementations.
  3. We share customer case studies and references to promote ongoing success.

We’re successful when you’re successful. Working together to create a viable revenue stream is critical to our joint success.

  1. Our sales partners benefit from lead sharing and a common qualification process.
  2. There are opportunities for mutual investment in marketing activities.
  3. Planview promotes a shared sales process.
  4. You have access to the latest Planview tools and a dedicated Planview representative.

Your people are representatives of the Planview brand. We’re committed to investing in and developing the people who represent our brand.

  1. Planview has a comprehensive certification process.
  2. On-going learning opportunities allow partners to stay up-to-date on the latest products and services.
  3. Partners have 24/7 access to Planview learning assets on PlanviewPRISMS.com and via a partner portal.

Partnership types

The Planview Partner Network is comprised of the following types of partner organizations:

Sales/Distribution Partners

  • Expand the Planview market reach and distribution
  • Geographic and market focused
  • Emerging and traditional markets

Solutions/Services Partners

  • Complement the Planview solution and make it stronger
  • Vertical and industry expertise
  • Deep domain and process expertise
  • Offerings that optimize the TCO of Planview Portfolios

Product/Technology Partners

  • Members of the PPM Ecosystem
  • Extend our solution into adjacent domains
  • Business process integration

It is possible to belong to more than one of the partnership categories, depending on the nature of your business. Each partnership type is also divided into a set of designated “levels,” based on the maturity level of the organization, ability to act independently of Planview, and overall success of the partnership.

Becoming a Planview Partner

The process for becoming a member of the Planview Partner Network is as follows:

  1. Complete the application for partnership.
  2. You will be contacted by a Planview representative to review your application and ensure that your company qualifies for the program.