Real-Time Team Communication

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Team collaboration that’s tightly integrated with industry-leading project and portfolio management solutions.

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  • Powerful collaboration for today’s teams

    Get your people engaged and enable their communication with real-time team collaboration. Projectplace team collaboration software makes real a transparent and social approach to communicating that is proven to:

    • Grow efficiency and productivity
    • Increase team flexibility
    • Shorten time to delivery
    • Raise team spirit and reduce turnover

    Geographically distributed teams are becoming the norm, and the number of projects people work on is continually escalating. Having team collaboration tools that are robust yet easy to use is critical for organizations that are going to thrive in this economy. Projectplace has the answer.

  • Pervasive communication

    Collaboration is built into Projectplace seamlessly; it is accessible from virtually every corner of this highly collaborative tool. Team members can communicate with each other easily from:

    • The Team Overview
    • The Workspace Overview
    • The Conversation Tab
    • Cards and boards in kanban boards
    • Activities in Gantt charts
    • Documents

    In all areas, conversations are displayed chronologically for ease of reference. To simplify things even further, Projectplace also provides:

    • A powerful search function to let you search for messages by contributor, project, team, and so forth, to quickly find a particular conversation thread
    • A robust filter that enables search by a specific contributor – which includes anyone who has created, commented on, or liked a post – or by hashtag, which is used just as in social media to categorize conversations. Filters can even be combined, joining a contributor with a hashtag to narrow the filter’s search results
    • The ability to download conversations into a spreadsheet, for offline access later

    All posts and conversation threads are time-and date-stamped, making this an important tool for team members and stakeholders to inform decision making.

  • An enriched collaboration experience

    This highly collaborative tool could not be easier to use, and powerful functions are built in to enrich the experience.

    Write and share.

    When you write a new post, it’s easy to select whom to share your conversation with. Just use the @ref function and select whom you want to share with from your workspace member list. They will be automatically notified of your message. Need to share your message with everyone? Just select the group All Members. It’s that easy.

    If you need to edit a post, no problem. Members can easily edit or delete their own posts, and administrators can delete any posts in the workspace.

    Attach media.

    You can attach media to your post:

    • Microsoft Office documents
    • Video files
    • Images
    • Adobe PDFs
    • CAD drawings
    • Virtually any files that are necessary to your project can be attached to your post

    Pull in files from your computer, Google docs, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, or the Projectplace secure document repository. If you attach an image, it will show as a preview on your conversation post.


    You can categorize your post with a hashtag symbol. Just as in social media, the # helps others understand immediately what your post is in reference to, and ensures that filtering returns more useful results.

  • Easy collaboration

    Involving others is easy with the Projectplace collaboration solution. Share links to posts with others, or simply use the @ref function to quickly notify a person or group about a conversation. Even if they are not on the team, you can include others in the discussion to get their input, help solve a problem, share media, or ask for their review of a document.

    This easy sharing works the same way across all areas of Projectplace. Quickly have conversations about:

    • Workspaces: Ask for deliverables to be turned in, plan group outings, and communicate corporate news
    • Teams: Take the pulse of your people and ensure everyone feels on track to meet their deadlines
    • Projects: Have quick check-ins, or drill down on a particular subject
    • Kanban cards and Gantt chart activities: Focus on a single issue to advance the plan
    • Documents: Ask for reviews and follow up with questions

    To show support and appreciation for colleagues, use the Like function. The person who wrote the post or comment will be notified that you like it. You can also see who else has liked a post.

  • Mobile apps keep you updated

    Android or iOS, it doesn’t matter: Projectplace has apps for that, and they’re designed to keep your teams and projects collaborating and on track.

    With robust functionality paired with an intuitive interface, Projectplace mobile apps ensure you can connect from anywhere. You’ll see your complete conversations feed aggregated from all your workspaces. You’ll see when someone:

    • Mentions you or a group you are a member of
    • Comments on a post you have created
    • Comments on a document, folder, link, card, milestone, or activity that you have created, are assigned to, or have commented on
    • Comments on a post you have liked or commented on

    So wherever you are, you can stay fully involved and up to date.

Real-Time Team Communication

is just one powerful Projectplace feature

Getting work done is easy when your team has the best project management tools.

  • Collaborative Project Planning & Workstreams

    Create your project plan and connect project workstream items to activities and milestones using integrated Kanban boards and Gantt charts.

  • Project Tracking

    Increase project team efficiency by providing a digest of upcoming, ongoing, and overdue work for yourself, your teams, and your workspaces.

  • Online Kanban Boards

    Visualize the flow of work and progress across all your team’s projects and commitments.

  • Integrated Zoom Online Meetings

    Start a Zoom meeting directly from Projectplace and hold daily stand-ups, team syncs, and ad hoc meetings all within the Projectplace environment where your team’s work actually happens.

  • Collaborative Project Planning & Workstreams

    Provide team leads and managers with a complete picture of task assignments and commitments across all projects.

  • File Sharing & Document Management

    Share files and collaborate on project documents and enable team members to attach relevant files directly to Kanban boards from varied sources.

  • Project Roadmaps

    Project managers can view, manage, and execute on a high-level roadmap plan, covering their long-term work strategy.

  • Online Gantt Charts

    Stay on top of project progress by visualizing your goals and plans, with all major steps, in modernized classic Gantt charts.

  • Project Dashboards & Reporting Templates

    Use project dashboards and reports to visualize progress, help track how close the team is to meeting deadlines and identify where bottlenecks may be occurring.

  • Mobile Project Management Apps

    Use project management apps for iOS and Android to access your work, update status of assignments, review documents, and collaborate with your team members.

  • Project Plan Templates

    Quickly set up new workspaces and projects using pre-defined project management templates based on best practices.

  • Project Portfolios

    Provide stakeholders with the means to track performance across the projects that matter to them and to identify and address projects that may need attention.

  • Requests

    Capture ideas for new workspaces executed in Projectplace.

  • Time Tracking

    Make it easy for your users to track and manage their time, with time reporting capabilities against all tasks and activities.

  • Real-Time Team Communication

    Engage your team members by enabling them to instantly share feedback, ideas, and questions.

  • Integrations/API

    Build custom applications and add-ons and enable integration into other systems – such as your company intranet or a mobile app.

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Getting work done is easy when your team has the best project management tools.

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