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Getting work done is easy when your team has the best project management tools. Plan and organize work with teams within and outside your organization and let everyone stay true to their commitments.

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Mobile Apps

On the move?

Stay on top of your projects – with our mobile apps!

  • Check latest developments of all your projects
  • Make, view, and share latest document changes
  • Communicate and have your say
  • Comment on and add actions
  • Access document and contact list, aggregated from all your projects
  • Work offline

ProjectPlace is available on App Store and on Google play.

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Desktop Apps

Simplify your work with documents.

  • Lock files while editing
  • Edited files saved back automatically
  • Automatically open files in the correct program
  • Get instant access to ProjectPlace from your desktop

You need to uninstall previous versions before upgrading to a later version.

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