Crowdsourcing Innovation

How Does a Crowdsourcing Platform Work?

Discover actionable crowdsourced ideas from across your organization and ecosystem with the right platform.

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Spigit idea management software

Your employees are smart. Your partners are savvy. Your customers are market leaders – and each one of these people has the potential to come up with the next big thing. What if you could harness your entire network to collect, assess, and implement great ideas? Crowdsourcing ideas with Spigit makes that possible.

Using advanced analytics and algorithms, Spigit lets you identify the best ideas from your entire crowd, assess associated risks and costs, and predict their future business value.

By enabling you to surface ideas from everyone in your network, Spigit makes crowdsourcing simple. From breakthrough innovation to process and product innovation, structural and service, we give you the tools to stay relevant, competitive, and timely – all while improving overall engagement and returns.


    Our Spigit idea management software lets you leverage your entire crowd of employees, customers, and partners to solve business challenges, generate new ideas, do away with ineffective processes, and expand your market. Crowdsourcing innovation enhances your ability to stay competitive and relevant as you boost engagement through game mechanics and collaborative ideation.

    Spigit’s advanced but intuitive user experience uses big data and crowd science to increase the impact of your innovation program. By empowering your crowd to submit, surface, and evaluate the most valuable ideas, our software helps ensure that you never miss out on the best opportunities for growth and returns.

    Crowdsourcing innovation drives undeniable results, and the proof is in our customers’ across-the-board success. Spigit’s 4.5M users from over 150 countries have earned $1B+ from their enterprise innovation programs.

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