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Research shows that investments made by organizations to increase employee engagement have barely had an impact over the last 15 years.

In fact, a recent Gallup study reported that employee disengagement is costing businesses $7 trillion a year. This challenge is something that businesses are suffering from through turnover, absenteeism, and lost productivity – impacting profitability. With increasing industry disruption attracting, developing and retaining talent is more important than ever.

Strategic HR leaders and executives recognize the need for action, looking to address workplace culture and often drive cultural transformation. But finding out about employee concerns from an employee satisfaction survey is only the start. They need a way to impact the key drivers of engagement that are being left unaddressed – connecting to corporate strategy, transparency from leadership, interest in employee ideas, and making progress on meaningful work.

Enter innovation. Engaging the employee-base in an innovation program is a proven way to give employees a voice, increasing the feeling of inclusion and motivation, connecting employees with the corporate strategy, and ultimately fostering a culture of engagement. Companies such as Johnson & Johnson, AT&T and Fidelity Investments are recognizing these benefits, while also using innovation programs to tap the knowledge and insights of a large, diverse pool of people to move the needle on other key business challenges.

How Spigit’s Employee Engagement Software Helps

Spigit is an employee-driven innovation platform that provides a structured and transparent approach for leaders to ask for employee ideas or – in other words – give employees a voice in the business.

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    Foster a culture of engagement

    Culture is defined many ways, but it really comes down to how employees behave. If employees feel valued, engaged, and listened to – which is the frequently reported result of crowdsourced innovation programs – then an engaged and innovative culture can flourish.

  • How Spigit's Employee Engagement Software Helps
  • Create an inclusive environment

    Our enterprise scale platform enables diverse people to ideate and collaborate together in company-wide campaigns – or “challenges” – regardless of department, location, and seniority. All individuals can have equal access and contribute to the organization’s success.

  • Harness the voice and knowledge of employees

    Leverage your most valuable resource through employee-driven innovation. Engage employees in identifying opportunities, solving business challenges and aligning with business strategy, while enabling leaders to make informed decisions, and a more diverse knowledge-base, leading to better outcomes.

Herbalife Innovates with Spigit

“A level of engagement and employee voice was missing before. We obviously has some issues around employee voice and the level of respect that employees were given from an ideation perspective and we’ve seen a massive turnaround there, so much so that if that was the only benefit that we were obtaining, that alone would justify what we’re doing.”

Chris Morris

Chief Innovation Officer, Herbalife

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