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The future of innovation in manufacturing

The Internet of Things, robotics, virtual reality, and other innovations from the past few years have led to a digital transformation in the manufacturing industry, causing manufacturers around the world to rethink how their businesses operate. And not just in the short-term, but long-term too.

These innovations, although undeniably valuable, bring with them a host of challenges – and opportunities – for manufacturers that are looking to stay ahead of the competition. Providing appropriate employee training for maintaining autonomous machines, identifying how virtual reality can benefit business processes, and determining which new technologies can be used at scale, are just a few examples of these.

As the industry makes sense of the latest advances, crowdsourced innovation, a streamlined approach to collecting ideas from a crowd of people (i.e. your employees or supply chain partners), is increasingly becoming an important tool in the manufacturer’s toolbox for improving operational efficiencies and driving business value. But managing this entire process is easier said than done, which is where innovation management software comes into play.

As the largest innovation management solution provider, Spigit understands the innovation needs of the manufacturing industry, whether you are in automotive, electronics, industrials, or CPG. And with customers like Siemens, Intel and Polaris using Spigit to implement innovative ideas that drive down costs and improve margins — we have the experience to prove it.

Spigit innovation management software was designed to help you deliver efficiency, reduce risks, and lower costs

“We’re proud to have an innovative culture. Spigit lets us give employees an opportunity to create the next big thing.”

Joe Laurin

Visioneering Manager, Polaris Industries

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