Competition is increasing

New trends are emerging, and consumer behaviors are changing faster than ever before. Given the pace of transformation, R&D teams tasked with improving existing products may be missing out on the next big thing. Spigit focuses your greatest competitive advantage – people – on solving critical issues and seeking what’s next.

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    Don’t miss the next breakthrough idea

    When it comes to spotting issues and developing new features, nobody is better than everybody. Enable all your employees to share their knowledge anytime, anywhere, on any device.

  • Competition is increasing
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    Fail fast, stay focused

    Quickly identify problem areas or low impact projects, so you can focus your lean resources on an optimized portfolio of ideas that will move markets.

  • Competition is increasing
  • Leverage existing knowledge

    Easily leverage internal and external knowledge to avoid working on non-strategic projects. Collect and centralize ideas that can be implemented today, or in the future when business conditions change.

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    Think beyond the incremental

    Get instant visibility into the ideas that yield the biggest returns, and collaborate company-wide to refine and add to them over time.

  • Competition is increasing
  • Quantify the “Impossible”

    Leverage crowd science to accurately measure the impact and time to value of your innovation portfolio.

  • Drive decision-making

    Get the on-demand visibility you need to bridge the execution gap so your next big idea doesn’t fall through the cracks.

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    Innovate everywhere, reach everyone

    78% of our mature customers deploy enterprise-wide, tapping employees and experts to build a culture of innovation.

  • Competition is increasing

Innovate faster. Scale growth.

Polaris Innovates with Spigit

“We’re proud to have an innovative culture. Spigit lets us give employees an opportunity to create the next big thing.”

Joe Laurin

Visioneering Manager, Polaris Industries

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