Hallmark Proves the Value of IT with Planview Enterprise

About Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Kansas City, Missouri-based Hallmark Cards, Inc. is known throughout the world for its greeting cards and related personal expression products. The company’s Hallmark Entertainment, Inc. subsidiary is the world’s leading producer and distributor of movies and miniseries made for television; and its Binney & Smith subsidiary, maker of Crayola® crayons and markers, is the leading producer of art materials for children and students. With the help of its 18,000 employees, the company publishes products in more than 30 languages and distributes them in more than 100 countries through a multinational strategy.

The Challenge

IT performance management is a hot topic within many organizations. As IT budgets continue to shrink, the pressure is on to build performance metrics that justify ever-increasing expectations.

According to Cheryl Randle, Process & Capability Manager, Hallmark Cards, “With a company as large as Hallmark, our IT department serves a vast internal client base. It had become essential that we see a day-to-day view of our IT projects. Only then could we determine what to move forward based on corporate strategies. Also, we needed to understand which projects to stop when the necessary ROI could not be achieved.”

Complicating the situation, Hallmark had outgrown their in-house time reporting and project management applications. In addition, Randle and her team required more project data than either of these overtaxed tools could provide. Hallmark IT began an extensive search for a comprehensive management solution.

“Our initial criteria was to replace the functionality we already had,” she explained. “Also, we wanted a tool that would integrate scheduling with time reporting and give us a view across all projects related to key process metrics.”

From a list of 10 providers, a cross-functional IT team chose the proven experience and functionality of Planview’s solution.

The Planview Solution

“We knew what we needed and Planview delivered,” Randle stated. “Planview Enterprise® allows us to track the progress of projects against our IT objectives and determine if they are achieving the Key Performance Indicators for the year.”

In addition to aligning IT performance to corporate objectives, the Planview solution has enabled Hallmark to put in place the four other building blocks of performance management: measurements; methods; data collection and analysis; and improved IT processes including the use of a balanced scorecard.

“The balanced scorecard we constructed is an extremely useful measurement tool,” Randle explained. “It gives a high-level overview that helps clarify purpose and translate performance expectations – enabling us to prioritize based on organizational needs.”

Planview Enterprise® provides reliable performance data vital in the decision-making process. Benchmarks, historical data baselines, and metric communications are all part of its functionality, as well as the ability to easily collect and analyze data, allowing Hallmark to make the most informed decisions.

“We now have views into our workload that we never had before,” stated Randle. “It really is an eye-opening experience.”

The Results

Due to the successful implementation of Planview Portfolios to replace Hallmark’s project database and time reporting systems, it has been further utilized to provide more robust and reliable metrics through the balanced scorecard. This has provided the information necessary to prove that the dollars spent on process improvements are paying off based on productivity and quality.