Mosaic Consulting Group

Mosaic Consulting Group

Mosaic Consulting Group (“Mosaic”) is a consulting firm that implements and supports a cloud-based human capital and payroll platform, UltiPro®. Their team of consulting experts help large and
mid-sized organizations utilize, optimize and fully leverage their investment in UltiPro.

The Challenge

As a professional services organization with a distributed workforce, Mosaic relies on effective and streamlined project management to ensure that engagements are client-focused, successful and profitable. 

However, Mosaic’s leadership determined that its previous project management tools, which included Accorto for Salesforce and Excel, were limiting the firm’s ability to continue growing at strong rate of 30-50% per year. These obstacles included:

  • Visibility: it was difficult to see the work was being performed across the project portfolio and challenging to anticipate and control what was going to happen in the future.
  • Resource management: it was difficult to segregate tasks and duties among the team, which in turn made it challenging to manage project scope and budget to actual effort.
  • Accessibility: fundamentally, the tools that consultants were using were viewed as inefficient and difficult to use.
  • Collaboration: there was no way to collaborate on projects or easily work together to fix issues.

The Use Case


  • 100% cloud-based to support distributed workforce   
  • Affordable price position
  • The ability to scale and continue growing
  • Case/Issue Management
  • Simple Time Reporting and Approval Process

The Results

Currently, Mosaic is launching Clarizen’s customer-facing tools with select clients, such as the solution’s InterAct email engine and external collaborator module. The firm also plans on expanding its Clarizen-Salesforce integration, and integrating Clarizen with financial and payroll systems.

  • 100% Clarizen adoption — all consultants are using it
  • Clarizen is used for all internal project management, as
    well as one-off tasks that are not project-specific (e.g. reporting time).
  • Leadership has clear visibility into the sales pipeline, and can proactively make resource allocation/utilization decisions
  • Consultants collaborate via shared notifications, issues queues and associated discussions — and now have an ongoing record of their collective work.
  • Clarizen was significantly less effort to implement and get operational than other systems evaluated.

“The main benefit of Clarizen is that it helps our people manage their workload more efficiently so they can focus on delivering excellent service to our clients with a platform that can support our significant growth rate.” Matt Hill Chief Strategy Officer Mosaic Consulting Group