If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that accelerated innovation is not only possible, but the benefits of reducing cycle time can be massive. What’s not clear are the methods to achieve this sometimes-illusive accelerated time-to-market. Where does an organization even begin? Explore advice from Dr. Robert Cooper and Planview thought leader Carrie Nauyalis.

  • On-demand webinar

    Påskynda innovation: Lärdomar efter pandemin med skaparen av Stage-Gate®, Dr Robert Cooper

    Join Planview and the legendary Dr. Robert Cooper for this engaging webinar on the topic of accelerating innovation and learn:

    • How to address the damaging trend of under-resourcing product development projects
    • Best practices from “lean development” on how to right-size your idea-to-launch process
    • Fresh applications of the agile stage gate process to improve productivity
    • Success stories from the pandemic and how to leverage key learnings for your organization
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  • On-demand Q&A

    Accelerating Innovation: Q&A with Dr. Robert Cooper

    Dr. Robert Cooper, the pioneer of the stage gate process recently joined Planview Executive-In-Residence Carrie Nauyalis to discuss lessons learned during the pandemic around accelerating innovation. In this recorded Q&A they answer questions on topics such as:

    • Where to begin with an agile stage gate approach to innovations
    • How to breach new ideas around resource management and capacity planning with leadership
    • Tips on value stream mapping in a virtual setting
    • Timelines for implementing software that supports an agile stage gate approach to product development
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  • Q&A highlights

    Agile Phase Gate Implementation

    Read these curated questions and answers on the topic of getting started with agile phase gate processes at your organization.

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  • Q&A highlights

    Resource Allocation and Capacity Planning

    Read these curated questions and answers on the topic of resource allocation and capacity planning best practices.

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    Vad lärde oss pandemin om utveckling av nya produkter?

    Få insikter om varför det är dags att börja utveckla din strategi för produktutveckling.

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Påskynda din produktpipeline

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