• Availability

    Planview’s SaaS solutions utilize scalable, geo-redundant infrastructure to provide fault tolerant, highly available services. Planview monitors critical systems, application and services so that when the unforeseen does happen, our Operations teams are alerted and can quickly work to resolve the situation. Following an outage, we review the cause and identify ways to reduce the likelihood of future incidents.

  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

    Planning for the unforeseen helps ensure Planview remains prepared to respond quickly and effective should it occur. Planview partners with market leading solution providers to ensure backups are maintained and ready should the need arise. Annual exercises are performed to keep the team well versed on the business continuity and disaster recovery plans.

  • Transparency

    Planview customers can check platform status 24/7/365 at status.planview.com (the Planview Platform Status page) and subscribe to be alerted should an incident occur. When the unforeseen does occur, an incident alert with updates is provided to keep customers informed on remediation efforts and resolution.

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