A Global Food Processing Company Enables Collaboration That Drives Efficiency and Innovation in The Changing World of Work


This global food processing company was in a phase of rapid growth with evolving demands on the business, which created productivity, planning, and resource management inefficiencies. Using multiple work methodologies and tools across the organization presented a complex challenge. Teams were working on different projects in different ways with shared resources, making it imperative to consolidate data into one system to provide enterprise-wide portfolio visibility for faster, smarter decisions.


The company leverages Planview Project Portfolio Management and Project Delivery solutions, building a corporate repository that provides a streamlined way of looking at projects across the company. Standardizing with Planview solutions while embracing various ways of working gives teams the flexibility to work how they want. Now, teams have the ability to collaborate using shared data to prioritize projects and resources as they meet changing business needs.

“Planview helped us standardize our processes and gives us confidence in our data.”

–Portfolio and Project Management Director

Challenge: Gaining Portfolio Visibility as New Ways of Working Emerge

Innovation demands in this food processing company’s R&D business unit drove the need for more refined processes, to keep costs down without sacrificing quality. Leadership demanded visibility into projects across their four business units for improved planning, which required the PPM team to transform how it approached portfolio, project, and resource management. The objective was to automate processes and consolidate data using a standardized PPM solution that was flexible enough to support the specific needs of each business unit: R&D’s focus on innovation, Engineering’s mission to support capital processes, Productivity’s desire to address continuous improvement, and MIS’ ability to manage work requests.

Solution: Unite Different Groups Working Towards Same Goal

The company’s R&D leadership realized they had to embrace the different ways its people worked to drive innovation. With each business unit having its own processes and project delivery methods, it was critical to bring all of that data together in one place to reach common goals without limiting team autonomy. They recognized their project management processes and tools needed a revamp to support various work methodologies. With Planview’s platform, they could benefit from improved forecasting, more accurate financial planning, and enhanced cross-functional collaboration and work delivery at the team level.

Because users are now reporting time, leaders have increased visibility into where resources are spending their time. These new insights allow them to decisively utilize and cost shared resources. With resources optimized and collaborating, teams are freed up to work on innovative, cross-functional projects with reduced waste and overspend. “We would often start a project thinking it would cost X and then get to the end and realize we were way off, mostly because we weren’t doing any type of resource management,” says the R&D project management director. “Planview Enterprise One™ provides that resource management piece so critical for efficient project management. It also gives us a way to assess risk in our projects that is based more than on rough math. We use Microsoft Power BI to customize reporting to fit the needs of the business.”

Planview ProjectPlace™ serves as the project status repository and project collaboration hub. Instead of time-consuming project and status meetings, teams can communicate, share information, and assign tasks onthe- go in real-time. “Projectplace allows me to be more efficient with my time as a project manager and ensure our resources are working on the right things,” says the senior project manager at the food processing company. “Our team member FLEX licensing has helped us save 30 FTE hours across a single six-week project cycle.”

Results: Centralized Source with Greater Visibility

Today, Planview’s solutions provide C-level project and resource visibility across the enterprise and serve as the single source of truth for improved strategic planning, better decision-making, and greater innovation. This transparency has increased ownership and collaboration between business units. “We are finally able to connect strategy to delivery and ensure resources are working on the right projects that impact strategic delivery,” states the senior project manager. “Planview helped us standardize our processes and gives us more confidence in our data. We have the flexibility to accept different work methodologies because we can see that resources are working on projects that align with business goals. If there’s a disconnect, we have the data we need to justify killing projects.”

Future: Continual Improvement Through Optimization

With the R&D, MIS, and Productivity business units already on board, Engineering is the next to adopt Planview®. The company plans to connect SAP with Planview Portfolios, as well as expand into the Resource, Lifecycles, and Investment and Capacity Planning capabilities. They continue to elevate conversations with business partners by showing how resources and financials are impacted by shifts in project prioritization.

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