The Planview and AWS Connection

Planview has selected AWS as its preferred public cloud provider

Drive on-strategy delivery at speed with Planview solutions running on AWS

At Planview, we’re building the future of connected work, connecting the business from ideas to impact, and accelerating the achievement of what matters most. Planview uses AWS’s broad portfolio of cloud technologies and solutions to drive the efficiency, security, and reliability needed to scale Planview’s connected platform of solutions and accelerate innovation for Planview’s customers.

AWS Partner

“Continuous innovation is at the core of our mission to build the future of connected work for our customers and AWS provides us with the reliable foundation and agility we need to continue to drive innovation, scale our global operations, and quickly, securely, and efficiently serve as the backbone for our connected platform that supports both our organization and our customers. With AWS, we will continue to help our growing customers connect their ideas to impact, across projects and products, and deliver positive outcomes – especially in times of change.”

Razat Gaurav

Planview Chief Executive Officer

Connect your business, from idea to impact

Planview’s full spectrum of solutions creates an organizational focus on strategic outcomes and empowers teams to deliver their best work, no matter how they work. The comprehensive Planview platform and enterprise success model enables our customers to transform at the speed of opportunity and deliver competitive products, services, and customer experiences.

  • Improve time-to-value and predictability

    Consistently meet customer and market commitments with early warnings into constraints. Planview enables more accurate planning – leveraging leading indicators and better capacity assumptions – and shortens the time from ideas to business outcomes.
  • Increase efficiency to unlock capacity

    Keep your teams focused on strategic objectives by using embedded goal tracking throughout the flow of work. Planview provides deep visibility into capacity utilization, helping business leaders reduce operational costs and redeploy resources by proactively identifying and addressing waste and constraints.
  • De-risk your strategic bets

    Confidently tackle uncertainty when internal or external conditions change. Planview delivers complete, actionable data that empowers business leaders to compare and prioritize strategic initiatives – based on risk and tradeoff scenarios – to maximize business outcomes.

Better together: Planview and AWS

Leveraging the breadth and innovation of AWS cloud technologies and solutions enables Planview to quickly respond to new market opportunities and become even more effective at delivering on customers’ needs. Planview is working with AWS to drive innovation, enhance security and improve scalability of the Planview Platform. Planview is also working with the AWS Marketplace to deliver a simplified and swift procurement experience for customers globally. With this cloud infrastructure, Planview will continue to provide first-class service to its 2.6 million users worldwide.

Our solutions empower over 4500 customers and 2.6 million users worldwide