Enterprise innovation management

Realize transformation through a culture of Innovation

Planview’s Enterprise Innovation Management solution extracts ideas from across your organization’s entire ecosystem, centralizes them for evaluation and development, and transforms them into value that serves your customers.

Enterprise innovation management for sustained innovation

Everything starts with an idea. Every product and every service began its journey as an obscure concept in a creative mind. Planview’s Enterprise Innovation Management gives you the ability to collect those concepts, harness that creativity and combine it with the untapped ingenuity, wisdom and insight of everyone in your organization. Rather than depending on a select few to guide your business forward, Planview democratizes creative decision-making and inspires a culture of engagement and innovation.

Whether your goal is new products and services, incremental improvements to existing offerings, improved internal processes, or an enhanced customer experience, Planview provides visibility and management across the entire ideation process. From the original concept to the final implementation, Planview records, cultivates, prioritizes, tracks, selects, and delivers ideas, and measures the results. This single platform was designed to nurture innovation and help you identify the most valuable ideas with the greatest potential impact. With over six million users in 170 countries, Planview Spigit is the most widely used innovation management platform in the world.

Innovation culture, employee engagement, and voice of the customer

Bring the ideas that can radically transform your business to market

Innovation culture, employee engagement, and voice of the customer
Innovation culture, employee engagement, and voice of the customer
Deploy challenges important to your business at scale

Innovation is the destination, customer voice is the GPS, engaged employees are vehicles, and Planview is the freeway infrastructure that brings it all together and moves your best ideas forward.

Idea Management

From idea to impact: manage the entire lifecycle of a new concept

Idea Management
Idea Management
Automate the innovation workflow through gated ideation

Planview’s innovation platform helps you communicate challenges and opportunities across the organization, generate and capture new ideas, and manage the entire process of evaluation, prioritization and collaboration.

Crowdsourced decision making

Leverage data, technology and employees as the foundation for a better decision-making process

Crowdsourced decision making
Crowdsourced decision making
Leverage the wisdom of crowds to find the best ideas

Tap into the power and wisdom of crowds through voting, machine learning, ranking, and pairwise to narrow thousands of ideas to those with the greatest potential, automatically advancing the best.

Idea selection

Logically and judiciously narrow the field of hundreds of competing ideas to a select few

Idea selection
Idea selection
Configure forms for idea evaluation and selection

Use quantitative reviews and qualitative evaluations to choose ideas with the strongest business case, and hand them off to delivery solutions or export them to delivery management tools via APIs.

Innovation delivery

Bring the ideas you’ve selected to life through any number of Planview delivery mechanisms

Innovation delivery
Innovation delivery
Manage the process through delivery with Projectplace

Build a chain of evidence from idea to delivery by transferring all relevant information like selection criteria, implementation cost, business value add, and revenue predictions, to Planview delivery solutions.

Innovation metrics

Use over 100 out-of-the-box reports to measure the spread and power of innovation

Innovation metrics
Innovation metrics
Report on your project pipeline to stakeholders

Connect idea data and metrics to calculate how ideas are progressing, total cost to impact, speed to market, employee engagement, and many other data points via Planview’s Power BI integration.

Innovation management software for enterprises

  • “Spigit closely mirrored our existing innovation efforts, but allowed us to scale. We get to tap our employees’ expertise, bringing state-of-the-art vehicles to our global market quickly and repeatedly.”

    Craig A. Scanlon Vice President
  • “Spigit inspires employees to speak up and share their knowledge and ideas. Instead of just saying we want to hear from them, we are showing them that their contributions matter.”

    Patti Brooke Director of Innovation
  • “It was a great experience interacting with the public in this way. We’ve been in contact with people from around the globe and learned about some of the specific problems that people face— many problems we weren’t even aware of.”

    Ben Collar Director of R&D, Siemens Mobility, Intelligent Traffic Systems
  • “Our mission to transform the health care industry is not a small feat. Spigit helps our organization to collaborate, become more transparent, and prioritize the most important business goals to further our market position.”

    Mohan Nair Chief Innovation Officer, Cambia Health Solutions
  1. Polaris
  2. Blue Cross Blue Shield
  3. Siemens
  4. Cambia

Innovation management software from Planview

With Planview, you can manage your entire end-to-end innovation lifecycle from ideation to delivery.

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