Innovation Management

Expand Value. Centralize Innovation.

Planview’s Innovation Management capabilities centralize your organization’s ideas into a single data ecosystem, provide workflows to support evaluation and development, and connect to value that serves your stakeholders and customers.

Data-driven innovation management for sustained innovation

Whether your goal is new products, services, improved processes, or capturing the voice of the customer, Planview provides visibility to manage the entire innovation management lifecycle. Deliver ideas, model emerging themes, and measure results – from original concept to implementation.

Planview’s connected Innovation Management capability enables you to collect and manage ideas, harnessing insights from everyone in your organization. Leverage both enterprise and lean innovation approaches in a single, powerful data model that super charges your idea pipeline. Organizations can use a data-driven innovation model to select the strongest ideas to implement.

Democratized Ideation

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These Planview solutions include innovation management capabilities

  • Product Portfolio Management

    Prioritize high-value products, identify risks and opportunities, optimize resource capacity across the portfolio, and effectively evaluate product performance.

  • Strategic Portfolio Management

    Get a clear view into digital transformation and other strategic initiatives, empowering your organization to deliver outcomes faster.

  • Project Portfolio Management

    Optimize program and project portfolios, balance capacity against demand, prioritize work, focus resources, and empower teams to deliver work that drives value to the business.

  • Professional Services Automation

    Enables services organizations to connect project, resource, and financial management capabilities in order to gain visibility across the entire opportunity-to-revenue lifecycle.

IM Software for Enterprises

Whether your organization is looking for enterprise innovation, targeted crowd engagement, or lean innovation at the team level, Planview has a solution for you. Reach out and we’ll help you find the best fit for your unique requirements.

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From solution implementation to ongoing operational support, Planview offers professional services, training, and support that maximize the value of your technology investment.

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“It was just tremendous how we were able to go from implementing something in three to six months to implementing something in a matter of weeks.”

Kristopher Ireland

Technology & Innovation Strategist