Stay up to date with the latest thoughts from leading Kanban experts and practitioners. This selection of top Kanban blogs brings you insights and education to inspire your Lean thinking and Kanban initiatives. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for continuous improvement suggestions, you’ll find a wealth of great info and expertise.

Kanban 101: Supercharge your team’s productivity

By encouraging teams to identify, prioritize, and intentionally complete work items one at a time, Kanban can help combat the damaging effects of multitasking in a hyper-stimulated world.

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Kanban Roadmap: How to Get Started in 5 Easy Steps

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“Checking out this selection of top Kanban blogs for insights and education will inspire your Lean and Kanban initiatives.”
“Checking out this selection of top Kanban blogs for insights and education will inspire your Lean and Kanban initiatives.”


Blogger: Karl Scotland, Lean-Agile Consultant and founding member of the Lean Systems Society and the Limited WIP Society

Why Read: Karl is a British software practitioner with over 15 years of agile experience at top companies like BBC, Yahoo!, and EMC Consulting. His blog contains posts about these experiences, including several papers and presentations on Kanban.

Becoming an Agile Family

Blogger: Maritza van den Heuvel, Innovation Lab Director at Pearson Southern Africa

Why Read: Maritza is the co-author of Beyond Agile – Tales of Continuous Improvement and an avid proponent of “visualization and systems thinking to drive continuous improvement.” Her blog covers a range of topics from her Personal Kanban as a mother, to moving from Scrum to Kanban.

David J Anderson & Associates, Inc.

Blogger: David Anderson, Founder of David J Anderson & Associates, Inc.

Why Read: David Anderson is widely recognized as the originator of Kanban as a system in knowledge work through his consulting efforts and books, which establish the Kanban Method as an agile and evolutionary approach to change. He is also the former CEO of Lean Kanban, Inc, the company that operates LeanKanban University.

DDegrandis Blog

Blogger:Dominica DeGrandis, Director of Learning & Development at AgilePlace and Owner of Dominica DeGrandis & Associates

Why Read: Dominica is a teacher and implementer of the Kanban method to teams all over the world. She is a proponent of the DevOps movement, working to bridge the gap between Development and Operations teams.

Discovery Kanban

Blogger: Patrick Steyaert, Founder and Principal Coach at Okaloa in Belgium

Why Read: Julia is an IT manager by trade, and a student of The Kanban Method who learned under David Anderson. She describes her blog as “layman’s way of describing Kanban” through which she transfers her knowledge to the business world.

Hakan Forss’s Blog

Blogger: Hakan Forss, Lean / Agile Coach at Avega Group AB

Why Read: Hakan is a Lean / Agile Coach, speaker, and author in Stockholm. He works with organizations, teams, and individuals to develop the ability to continuously learn and improve how work is done.

IT Revolution Press DevOps Blog

Blogger: Gene Kim, Author, Researcher, Speaker, Director, and DevOps Enthusiast

Why Read: Gene is the co-author of The Phoenix Project: A Novel About IT, DevOps, and Helping Your Business Win and The DevOps Handbook. He is passionate about transforming IT Organizations from “good to great.”.

Joakim Sundén

Blogger: Joakim Sundén, Scrum Master and Agile Coach at Spotify

Why Read: Gene is the co-author of Joakim is the co-author of Kanban In Action. Read his blog for real-world stories of how Spotify utilized Kanban to stay Lean.

LeadingAgile Field Notes

Blogger: Various LeadingAgile Consultants and Contributors

Why Read: LeadingAgile provides consulting services to help companies “get started down the path of becoming a high-performing product organization” and their blog includes insights on how to craft an effective transformation strategy.

Blogger: Dr. Klaus Leopold, Kanban Trainer, and Coach at LEANability

Why Read: Dr. Leopold is a computer scientist with a significant Kanban background. He co-authored Kanban in IT: Achieving a Culture of Continuous Improvement, and was heavily involved in founding the Limited WIP Societies in both Austria and Switzerland

Lean Blog

Blogger: Mark Graban, VP of Customer Success at KaiNexus

Why Read: Mark is recognized as a leader in the Lean Healthcare industry, and is committed to the mission of “making improvement happen” in healthcare. He is the author of Lean Hospitals and Healthcare Kaizen: Engaging Front-Line Staff in Sustainable Continuous Improvements.

Lean Kanban University Blog

Blogger: Lean Kanban, Inc. and its contributors, several of which are also authors of other blogs on this list

Why Read: Lean Kanban, Inc. is a professional association and standards body created to grow the teachings of Kanban worldwide while maintaining the interests of managers who seek to apply Kanban to their work.

Lean Transformation

Blogger: Jeff Anderson, Deloitte LEAN Service Offering Lead at Deloitte Canada

Why Read: Jeff’s mission in life is clear: “to help technology knowledge workers be awesome at what they do.” To this end, Jeff helped set up the Deloitte LEAN service offering in Canada, is the author of The Lean Change Method, and a Fellow in the Lean Systems Society.

Limited WIP Society Blog

Blogger: Various contributing members to The Limited WIP Society, including AgilePlace CEO Chris Hefley

Why Read: The Limited WIP Society is the home to a global community that is embracing the practice of Kanban. This blog provides a forum for community members to share useful resources and stay informed.

Liz Keogh, lunivore

Blogger: Liz Keogh, Independent Lean and Agile Consultant in London

Why Read: Marcus is a team leader, agile coach, and system architect. He is also the co-author of Kanban In Action, a “practical introduction to Kanban,” and his blog presents insights into his work and experience as a Kanban Coach.

Blogger: Marcus Hammarberg, Kanban Coach and Software Developer at Aptitud

Why Read: Marcus is a team leader, agile coach, and system architect. He is also the co-author of Kanban In Action, a “practical introduction to Kanban,” and his blog presents insights into his work and experience as a Kanban Coach.

Modus Cooperandi Blog

Blogger: Members of Modus Cooperandi, a Kanban Consultancy

Why Read: Modus Cooperandi is a Kanban consultancy company founded by Jim Benson to provide education for teams at various levels of Kanban adoption and has also published several essays and whitepapers on the topic.

Blogger: Neil Killick, Independent Agile/Lean Software Professional in Australia

Why Read: Neil is all about shifting conventional thinking with Lean and Agile. He blogs on the topics of agile and systems thinking and is a proponent of “no estimates.”

Net Objectives Blog

Blogger: Al Shalloway, founder and CEO of Net Objectives

Why Read: Al has more than 40 years of experience in the Agile/Lean space and is widely recognized as a thought leader on many topics, including Kanban, product portfolio management, SAFe, Scrum, and agile design.

Personal Kanban

Blogger: Jim Benson and Tonianne DeMaria Barry, Originators of Personal Kanban and Founders of Modus Cooperandi

Why Read: The goal of Personal Kanban is to give us clarity in our work and our lives by visualizing tasks, expectations, and commitments – and helping us prioritize and complete them.

Positive Incline

Blogger: Mike Burrows, Associate at David J Anderson & Associates, Inc.

Why Read: Mike is an Accredited Kanban Trainer (AKT) and Kanban Coaching Professional (KCP) who works with leadership teams to help implement end-to-end Lean, Kanban, and Agile initiatives. He authored the book Kanban from the Inside and is a regular speaker at Lean Kanban conferences.

Software Project Management

Blogger: Pawel Brodzinski, CEO and Coach at Lunar Logic

Why Read: Pawel has a wealth of Kanban experience and loves to share it with the world, through both his blog and speaking engagements. Especially well known for his writing on portfolio Kanban, he also happens to be a great guy who prefers the title of Chief Cook and Bottle-Washer over CEO.

Systems Thinking, Lean and Kanban

Blogger: David Joyce, Consultant at ThoughtWorks

Why Read: David works with executives, senior managers, front-line leaders, and front-line staff, helping them instigate sustainable change by applying methods such as the Vanguard Method, Systems Thinking, Intervention Theory, and Agile.

The Critical Path

Blogger: Derek Huether, Enterprise Agile Coach at LeadingAgile

Why Read: Derek is the author of Zombie Project Management and an avid practitioner of Personal Kanban. He presents at a number of conferences and often publishes his speaking materials on his blog.

The IT Risk Manager

Blogger: Chris Matts, Program Manager, Project Manager, and Business Analyst

Why Read: Chris specializes in delivering trading and risk management systems in investment banks. His goal is to deliver business value by managing project risks. He achieves this by focusing on optimizing time to delivery rather than minimizing the costs.

The Kanban Way

Blogger: Charan Atreya, Lean Kanban/Agile Program Manager at Salesforce

Why Read: Charan believes that sustained improvement comes from managing differently. His focus is on helping operational and project teams achieve breakthrough performance the Kanban way.

The Lean Post

Blogger: Various contributors to the Lean Enterprise Institute (LEI)

Why Read: The LEI is a nonprofit think tank focused on education, publishing, research, and conference organization centered around building hypotheses on Lean thinking.

The Practical Agile Blog

Blogger: Dan Tousignant, Agile Executive Coach and Trainer at and

Why Read: A Scrum trainer and Agile Coach, Dan offers practical advice on how to “implement agile in this exceedingly un-Agile world.” He draws from over twenty years of consulting engagements, describing himself as a “passionate outlier.”

Vega Information System Services, Inc. Blog

Blogger: Frank Vega, President and CEO of Vega Information System Services, Inc.

Why Read: Frank assists organizations with improving their capability to predictably deliver quality software sooner by providing “hands-on” coaching and leadership. An instrumental leader in the Agile Denver Kanban community, Frank has worked in the IT / IS field for over 20 years.

Yuval Yeret

Blogger: Yuval Yeret, Enterprise Lean/Agile Coach and CTO at AgileSparks

Why Read: Yuval is one of the leading Agile / Kanban coaches in Israel, with a specific interest in Limited WIP systems. His blog focuses on his experiences using Lean and Agile approaches to help organizations become more effective.

Zsolt Fabok

Blogger: Zsolt Fabok, Project Manager, Agile Coach, and Developer at Prezi in Hungary

Why Read: Zsolt is a Kanban and Agile enthusiast who thrives on working with teams and helping them become better. He shares his views on both the theories of Kanban and some of the more technical implementations of it through his blog.