Siemens Energy consists of a global team of dedicated employees striving to find innovative ways to meet the world's growing demand for energy while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. Fulfilling that immense mission with optimal efficiency and keeping both customers and employees satisfied presents many challenges with varying levels of complexity, even for one of the world's leading energy companies. Those challenges were exacerbated by the lack of a centralized hub that could act as a reliable platform for sharing, managing, and collaborating on work. This meant there was no single source of truth for operational standards, which was a root cause of frustration and profit loss.


Planview® AdaptiveWork provided Siemens with an enterprise-wide solution for breaking down their problematic work silos, unifying a global team under a single source of truth. With this centralized platform, Siemens Energy increased project delivery speed and captured more profits by consolidating tools and processes, streamlining team communication, and providing everyone with greater visibility into the portfolio.

When we looked at our operations landscape and found that everybody had different databases, spreadsheets & tools for project management. A customer would ask us for updates and providing an answer quickly was quite difficult. That’s one of the gaps we closed by obtaining a single platform across the business. All that information is in one place and it is now our source of truth.

- Andy Watson, Director of Digital Operations

About Siemens

Siemens Energy offers broad expertise across the entire energy value chain, along with a comprehensive portfolio for utilities, independent power producers, transmission system operators, the oil and gas industry, and other energy-intensive industries. With its products, solutions, systems, and services, Siemens Energy addresses the extraction, processing, and transport of oil and gas as well as power and heat generation in central and distributed thermal power plants, and power transmission and technologies for the energy transformation, including storage and sector-coupling solutions. With around 90,000 employees worldwide, Siemens Energy helps shape the energy systems of today and tomorrow.


Siemens Energy is a multinational organization, one which provides a wide range of products and services across the full energy production spectrum. As such, their client operations are complex and involve many departments in different areas of the globe. Being a well-establish organization with a long history, the sheer scale of their business added to the complexity inherent in their operations, with thousands of project managers globally working on a multitude of project types.

Each team within Siemens Energy was using their own systems and their own processes to manage their work. Teams often worked in a dis-jointed and siloed way. This resulted in a lack of operational standards and extensive tool proliferation which caused inefficiencies in project & work management, customer & employee frustration, and issues with keeping accurate & timely portfolio level reports.

Individual Project Managers were spending a significant amount of their workday navigating through a variety of different systems to find routine project information. Because there was no centralized system, project statuses were being tracked & communicated manually through emails, texts & phone calls. Often, getting a simple project status update would be an arduous and lengthy process. The amount of time lost per PM by managing projects in this siloed & manual way was causing a project back-log & ultimately was costing the business lost revenue in potential new projects, as well as emotional turmoil.

Management at Siemens Energy identified a need to improve satisfaction, Siemens Energy needed to improve their service delivery competency, the effectiveness of planning and the speed at which they could respond to customer requests & inquiries.


Siemens Energy decided it was time to standardize, harmonize and consolidate all client operations onto a single Collaborative Work Management platform. This initiative is called “OnePM” and it is more than a simple IT project, it is an enterprise-wide business transformation project. It would become the single source of truth for the operational community within Siemens Energy; project managers, field operators, back-office teams, and other support staff.

A major goal for the OnePM initiative was to increase the productivity of individual Project Managers. IT would do this in several ways, but first and foremost would simply be by consolidating multiple tools & processes into one. This would allow PMs to communicate better, find & share answers faster and spend less of their time on administrivia, instead spending their time on project planning & delivery.

Another primary objective for OnePM was to increase visibility across all levels of the project portfolio, starting from the minute details of specific tasks, all the way up to project statuses and portfolio health. In addition to gaining that deeper visibility, they would also make it available to a broader audience within Siemens Energy.


  • Better, more thorough reports, provided in real time
  • Increased revenue by completing more client projects each year
  • Consolidated an average of 5 systems per department
  • Estimated €2M in cost savings
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • 36,000 work hours saved annually

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