Mission Possible: Accelerating Software Delivery in the Federal landscape

Only 39% of federal IT leaders consider digital transformation a top priority, while a staggering 83% express concerns about the slow adaptation of their digital transformation strategies. (FedTech).

At Planview, we understand the pressing need to optimize internal processes and accelerate federal transformation initiatives. Your missions depend on it.

Federal agencies are at pivotal crossroads as they transition from traditional project-oriented approaches to product-oriented solutions. With a history of exceeding budgets and underperforming programs, the journey to transformation has never been more critical.

Planview’s Value Stream Management solution equips federal agencies with the tools to modernize their platforms, streamline operations, drive innovation, and deploy at speed — all while upholding the highest standards of security and compliance.

Planview Value Stream Management Solution

Planview Viz delivers deep insights into the end-to-end software delivery process. Through a visual representation of the software development lifecycle, Viz provides a comprehensive data-driven overview of processes, workflows, and dependencies. By seamlessly connecting disparate tools and teams, it dismantles silos and ensures the salable delivery of high-quality applications.

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Planview Hub integrates your heterogeneous toolchain, ensuring that every team’s work contributes directly to mission success. It eliminates tedious, manual work and duplicate data entry by automating complex integrations and makes compliance easy with automated traceability across systems. Accelerate delivery, bridge silos, and deploy expertise where it counts.

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Maximize Outcomes from SAFe®

For agencies that have adopted the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), Planview’s alignment with SAFe makes it easy to measure impact, agility and responsiveness. Through embedded Flow Metrics and Value Stream Management best practices, teams can rapidly scale their agile practices, adapt to changing requirements, and deliver mission-critical projects with speed and precision.

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Operationalize the Shift from Project to Product

Ensuring the success of mission-critical software at scale requires a modern product-operating model that supports digital transformation, paving the way for increased efficiency, higher quality, and faster delivery.

This shift from a project-focused paradigm to a product-centric approach accelerates time-to-market and enables the rapid feedback loops that are necessary to incubate and launch new capabilities, spanning from data and analytics platforms to connected products and software-as-a-service solutions.

Planview’s Value Stream Management solution has been purposefully designed to facilitate this shift and can help federal agencies begin to operate like digital natives.

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Achieve Mission Success with Flow Metrics

  • Accelerating time-to-value is crucial for mission success, as it enables programs to deliver solutions to field personnel faster. Flow Metrics provide valuable insights into:

    • Speed of Software Delivery

      To minimize software delivery time-to-field, expedite deliverables. Agencies and their programs can gain deep insights into their delivery processes and identify opportunities for improvement. Flow Metrics help teams identify bottlenecks, optimize workflows, and increase overall efficiency. These efforts collectively contribute to the accelerated delivery of mission-critical software and features.

    • Genomströmning

      Throughput measures how fast value is delivered to field operatives. Flow Metrics play a vital role in increasing throughput by identifying where waste and wait states are holding up delivery. By accelerating throughput, releases and updates can reach teams faster to drive mission success.

    • Dependability

      Understanding and visualizing the rate of value delivery makes it clear where consistency needs to improve. When processes are smooth and optimized, field operatives know they can count on getting the latest updates and the highest quality solutions available.

  • Teams that can improve collaboration, reduce waste, and consistently meet their commitments while delivering top-tier solutions are better positioned to drive mission success. Flow Metrics provide valuable insights into:

    • Efficiency and Productivity

      Bottlenecks and dependencies can be identified throughout the value delivery process, enabling teams to streamline workflows, and make smart use of resources. As a result, there are less wasted efforts, and existing untapped capacity can be redeployed to address strategic needs.

    • Quality Metrics

      Insights from Flow Metrics can reduce the time and effort required to address defects, implement changes, and respond to incidents. As a result, war fighters benefit from higher quality software, fewer bugs, and a reduction in incidents.

    • Process optimization

      Flow Metrics enable agencies to optimize their value delivery processes and streamline workflows. They give leaders the data they need to make strategic adjustments that ensure continuous alignment between strategy and execution.

  • Comprehensive visibility into technical debt and risks is crucial to achieving compliance and identifying vulnerabilities. It ensures regulations are met, that data is secure, and that operational integrity exists across the entire system. Flow Metrics provide valuable insights into:

    • Risk Resolution Time

      High Flow Efficiency accelerates risk resolution, ensuring that there’s no wait time to address vulnerabilities and that potential risks are addressed fast.

    • Allocation of Work

      Flow Distribution provides insights into work allocation, ensuring risk and technical debt are visible and addressed. A healthy work mix balances feature delivery with attention to technical debt to ensure modern platforms are always available to support field teams effectively.

    • Technology Release Frequency

      By tracking throughput and Flow Efficiency, teams identify high-risk areas in the release cycle and proactively allocate resources to mitigate potential issues. They can accelerate their release cadence by proactively identifying technical debt and risk.

“When you’re just starting out, it’s important to stay true to your ideals, your values and the value stream. Use the data and the metrics. The earlier you can establish the metrics around flow and start using them to tell your story, the better off you’re going to be.”
Bryon Kroger CEO of Rise8 and former co-founder & COO of USAF’s Kessel Run Mik + One: Bryon Kroger on Agile Development Success at the DoD

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Planview’s network of accredited federal partners is trained and available to help establish your value stream management practice. Work with your chosen transformation partners to accelerate your shift from project to product with Planview’s VSM solution.

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