About the Research

Research Methodology, Demographics, and Participant Profile

The 2016 Resource Management and Capacity Planning Benchmark Study confirms a trend seen in multiple studies over the years, in both IT and Product Development: organizations continue to overcommit their resources again and again, stifling growth and innovation.

Understanding the Challenges and Opportunities around Capacity Planning

This year’s study moves beyond understanding the resource dilemma and the pains and risks of overcommitment. While that continues to be a challenge for organizations, the symptoms are related to poor capacity planning capabilities. This body of research was commissioned to understand the current benchmarks around capacity planning maturity levels, the speed and ability for companies to make capacity-centered decisions and the characteristics of the most mature organizations. The study was designed to further understand the business benefits that can result from improvements in capacity planning.

Methodology and Respondent Profile

resource management and capacity planning research

In Spring of 2016, Appleseed Partners conducted an online survey of 404 product development, IT, and enterprise program leaders from around the globe; the study was commissioned by Planview. The online survey was preceded by qualitative phone interviews for the development of the survey and for supportive commentary. The resource leaders included executives, directors, and managers with responsibility for the resource management and/or capacity planning process at their organization.

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