Focus on Capacity: Making Digitalization Real

2016 State of Resource Management and Capacity Planning Benchmark Study

New research shows how high capacity planning maturity supports digital transformation goals while lowering risks.

Review the results and findings to learn how your peers in IT are:

  • Better able to manage shared resources by 51%
  • Increasing resource utilization by 43%
  • Improving prioritization by 35%

What’s the risk to your organization?

Poor capacity planning leads to:

72%   Overcommitted resources

61%   Inability to prioritize resources

57%   Lack of real-time resource reports

56%   Inaccurate resource estimates

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What do leaders do differently?

60%   of them have a PMO

100%   always conduct capacity planning

How can you get there? Learn the 5 Steps to Capacity-Centered IT.

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Ready to take capacity planning to the next level?

5 Steps to Optimize Capacity for Digital Transformation

Maureen Carlson, study chief researcher, and Jerry Manas, senior research analyst, outline:

  • Common symptoms of poor capacity planning
  • Applying the 5 steps to capacity-centered planning
  • Elevating your PMO through continual planning

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