Focus on Capacity: Speed Your Innovation

2016 State of Resource Management and Capacity Planning Benchmark Study

New research shows capacity planning accelerates product innovation while lowering risks.

Review the results and findings to learn how your peers in Product Development are:

  • Increasing resource utilization by 30%
  • Speeding decision making by 27%
  • Improving prioritization by 25%

What’s the risk to your organization?

Poor capacity planning leads to:

77%   Overcommitted resources

62%   Inability to prioritize resources

56%   Inaccurate resource estimates

56%   Lack of real-time resource reports

Product Development Statistics

What do leaders do differently?

78%   have a combined view into capacity and demand

100%   always conduct capacity planning

How can you get there? Learn the 5 Steps to Capacity-Centered Product Development.

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Ready to fast-track your organization’s resource management and capacity planning abilities?

Get concrete tips on transforming your organization: this 5-minute video product overview helps you take your resources to the next level to bring the right products to market at the right time.

Video: Prioritize Projects and Create Capacity for Innovation

Video: Prioritize Projects and Create Capacity for Innovation

The right solution for your organization.

Planview Enterprise was purpose-built to help product organizations like yours deliver innovative ideas into products that drive results. At the core of the solution are integrated capacity planning and resource management capabilities.

Easily plan and shift your resources to focus on enterprise-wide priorities.

Stay ahead of change and the competition to innovate on time, on brand, and on budget.

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