Aktionselemente und schneller Datei-Import

Fügen Sie einem beliebigen Arbeitselement Aktionselemente hinzu und wandeln Sie strukturierten Text in strukturierte Aufgaben um. Durch den schnellen Datei-Import können Sie Zeilen aus einer Textdatei oder E-Mail im Handumdrehen in Aufgaben umwandeln. Sie können entweder persönliche To-do-Aufgaben, neue Aufgaben für einen Projekt-Arbeitsplan oder Projekt-Aktionselemente erstellen, die sich nicht auf den Arbeitsplan auswirken.

About This App

Add Action Items to any work items and quickly convert structured text into structured work.

Unlike with formal project plans, sometimes you need a straightforward way to take simple lists of items, for example, from customer emails or departmental meetings, and convert them into structured, trackable and reportable work.

Action Items and Quick Task Import lets you take lines from a simple text file, excel table, HTML table or bulleted list and convert them into tasks:

  • In a Project
  • As Action Items (to do list) linked to any Work Item
  • As simple Action Items unlinked to a particular project or task

Action Items and Quick Task Import is suitable for many project types including:

  • Services projects with an agreed work package with a customer, where weekly action items need to be tracked without altering the scope of work
  • Large projects where you don’t want to track sub-tasks at a more detailed level in the work plan (WBS) itself
  • Ongoing Project Management administrative activities

Video (2 min)

View on Vimeo: Action Items and Quick Tasks Import app

Action Items

Via the Related Items panel or ribbon, you’ll see a new Action Items button is available.
It creates tasks which are linked to the project but are not part of the work plan.

Action Items

Quick Tasks Import

Open the Quick Tasks Import custom action from the Navigation panel and just paste in the text you’d like converted into new tasks – each line will be a new task

Quick Tasks Import

Paste in your tasks and optionally choose a related work item.

Option 1 – Add the tasks to a Project’s work plan

Select a Project but untoggle the Action Items? toggle – the new tasks will be added at the end of the work plan

Option 2 – Add the tasks as Action Items for a Project

Select a project and leave the Action Items? toggle as selected – the new tasks will be in the Action Items panel for the project

Option 3 – Add simple personal To Do items

Leave the Project field empty – the new tasks can be most easily viewed in a Calendar view Unscheduled panel

Quick Create New Task

Unscheduled Action Items in Calendar view

Use Calendar view option to easily work with both scheduled project work and unscheduled To Do/ Action Item tasks in a single screen.

Unscheduled Action Items in Calendar view