AdaptiveWork for iPhone

Access all the information you need from AdaptiveWork wherever and whenever you need it. Collaborate, review your work and cases, view files, report on progress, timesheets, and expenses and create new items.

About This App

Need to review and update your tasks and cases while on the go? Report time or submit an expense report? See what’s going on in your news feed? Or read the latest version of an important document? The AdaptiveWork iPhone app lets you access all relevant information you need, at the time you need it, wherever you are.

When you log into the app, you’ll see an overview of all your work-related information. You can update fields, create new items, add related items and collaborate using AdaptiveWork discussions. You can even upload pictures directly from your phone’s camera.

The mobile app maintains the same layout, modules, forms and actions of your profile on the AdaptiveWork web application.

Simple and Convenient

In the navigator panel you will see the same modules you are used to, as well as quick access to “on-the-go” actions such as reporting time and submitting expenses. You can also upload receipts directly to the expense form using your phone’s camera.

Access All Your Data

In each module, you can review and search through detailed items. You can use any field and relation filter or sort. You can also perform quick actions from the sliding menu and create new items via a customizable form.

Full Details

Drill down to any item with full access to view and edit information, as well as perform actions relating to a given item. From the item details screen, you also have inline access to related files.


Access your discussion feed from anywhere in the app with click of a button. Review new posts, reply and like them and start new discussions.


AdaptiveWork for iPhone
AdaptiveWork for iPhone