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Agile Team Delivery

Atlassian JIRA

Connect the work in JIRA to Planview AdaptiveWork to gain complete transparency, accurate reporting, and enhanced portfolio planning. You’ll quickly benefit from having a single source of truth across teams, no matter how they prefer to work.

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Automation and Productivity

Resource Heat Map

Generate a heat map to identify potential over/under-loaded resources. The resource planning heat map is an optional visualization aid for organizations to keep track of resource assignment.

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Automation and Productivity

Organization Chart

Adds an interactive Organizational chart displaying the Direct Manager, Team Members, and Direct Reports of a team member to the People Module.

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Automation and Productivity

Action Items and Quick Task Import

Add Action Items to any work items and convert structured text into structured work. Quick Task Import lets you take lines from a text file or email and quickly convert them into tasks, either as personal To Do Tasks, new work for a Project’s workplan, or as Project action items that don’t affect the work plan.

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Automation and Productivity


Lifecycle panel displays which state a Request is in, as well as showing the other valid states in its lifecycle.

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Automation and Productivity

Prevent Task Breakdown

Prevent decomposition (further break down) of tasks that already have time entries, actual effort or %complete reported.

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Automation and Productivity


Automatically set a baseline when activating a Draft project and make a notification post in the Project’s Discussion thread.

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Automation and Productivity

Mandatory Cancellation Note

Ensure that Project Managers include Closing Notes before cancelling a Project.

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Automation and Productivity

Prevent Reporting on the Wrong Work Item

Prevents users from accidentally reporting progress on non executable work items (typically work items that depend on a non completed work item).

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Automation and Productivity

Case State Changes: Auto-fill lifecycle fields

Automatically fill in a Case’s resolved by, resolved date as well as the rest of the lifecycle fields when the state is updated.

Read More • Case State Changes: Auto-fill lifecycle fields

Automation and Productivity

Move to Archive

Allows you to move non-relevant work items to an Archive project, just by clicking the ‘Move to Archive’ custom action. 

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Automation and Productivity

Hard Dependency

Prevents users from accidentally reporting progress on non-executable work items (typically work items that depend on an incomplete work item).

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Automation and Productivity


Turn the tasks created in a discussion group into a formal project with just a few clicks.

Read More • Discussion-Group-To-Do-Tasks-to-Project

Automation and Productivity

Attach Email to a Work Item

Clarizen’s patent-pending InterAct email engine lets users trigger virtually any action in AdaptiveWork with an email. This App creates an InterAct inbox that allows users to attach the email they send, along with attachments, to a work item.

Read More • Attach Email to a Work Item

Automation and Productivity

Convert a Request to a Project

A Custom Action that creates a new project from an Enhancement Request and links the Request to the new project.

Read More • Convert a Request to a Project

Automation and Productivity

Auto Updated Related Issues

Update work item’s related issues when it’s changed. Marks issues that are linked to a work item as ‘resolved’ when the work item is complete. Update issues’ due date when the work item’s date is changed.

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Automation and Productivity

Change Task’s Default Work

Change Task’s default work value.

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Automation and Productivity

Holiday Loader

Load in national, local, and religious holidays into your organizational or specific user group calendars in AdaptiveWork as calendar exceptions.

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Automation and Productivity

Successor Task Scheduling

Automatically reschedules successor tasks if a predecessor is completed early or is past due.

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Automation and Productivity

Recurring Meetings

If you use recurring tasks to describe project’s meetings, install this app to have work load calculated correctly for all resources.

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Automation and Productivity

Project Numbering

Automatically assign sequential project numbers to newly created projects.

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Automation and Productivity

Quick Task Create

Quickly create tasks.

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Automation and Productivity

Create a Task From a Case

Creates a Task from an Case (Request, Issue, Bug or Risk) and links the Case to the new Task. 

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Automation and Productivity

Service Level Agreement Manager

Automatically route issues by category, severity, and state.

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Portal Page

A simple, fully brandable and elegant portal landing page with a headline and 3 simple buttons which can be easily adapted with your corporate images and branding. The Portal page is fully configurable to match your organization’s brand language and imagery.

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Theme Editor

Customize Clarizen’s look and feel to align with your organization’s corporate branding style.

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Microsoft Teams

Bring Planview AdaptiveWork project data and workflows to your teams via our project to channel integration. The Planview AdaptiveWork Teams App is a comprehensive productivity interface, designed to enhance collaboration and streamline communication between project teams, within the Microsoft Teams ecosystem. Whether you are managing a small team or collaborating on a large-scale project, the AdaptiveWork app empowers teams to scale their work more efficiently and effectively within Microsoft Teams.

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Activate Planview AdaptiveWork Bot and transform Slack into a powerful work management tool. Planview AdaptiveWork Bot lets you stay up-to-date with your projects without leaving Slack. Our bot is your personal assistant into Planview AdaptiveWork. Get the immediate information you need without having to remember tricky commands. Once you’ve connected with Planview AdaptiveWork, Planview AdaptiveWork Bot can retrieve project status for you, notify you when things go off-track, and check in on your behalf.

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Customer Relationship Management


Create a connected customer journey across all touchpoints that’s measurable, reportable, and repeatable. This not only benefits your customers – it will increase productivity, improve customer lifetime value, and drive better business outcomes.

Read More • AdaptiveWork Salesforce edition

Data Import and Export

Data Warehouse Export

Schedule data export on a regular interval of all entities of your choice that are exposed by the API. You can export data to Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3, Box, and Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.

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Data Import and Export

Data Loader

The AdaptiveWork Data Loader is a web based tool that does not require installation. It can be launched from within AdaptiveWork so that no login is required. Just follow a few simple steps and the data you always wanted to see inside AdaptiveWork will be available.

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Demand Management and Prioritization

Priority Automation

Allows you to automatically adjust priority based on criteria such as a work item running late, going over budget, or having resource issues.

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Demand Management and Prioritization

New Project Demand – Request

A simple form to create new project requests which should go through a New Demand request cycle before being converted into a project. The request entry form can be easily extended to meet your organization’s specific requirements.

Read More • New Project Demand – Request

Document Management


Connect the document management capability of SharePoint with the powerful project management capabilities of Planview Clarizen. This native connector helps to eliminate “SharePoint sprawl” by bringing project visibility and context to your SharePoint documents.

Document Management


Keep all of the security and document management capabilities of Box and combine it with the project and portfolio visibility and control that Planview AdaptiveWork brings. In addition, Planview AdaptiveWork data can be exported to Box automatically, so it can be utilized by common business intelligence tools.

Document Management

Google G Suite

Bring Planview AdaptiveWork’s powerful project and portfolio management and collaboration capabilities to the shared document creation features of G Suite.

Document Management


Online proofing application streamlines the review and approval process for digital content creation and delivers projects faster.

Read More • Digital proofing with Ziflow

Financial Management


Leverage Planview AdaptiveWork’s flexible integration with SAP financials to bring together key project financials from Planview AdaptiveWork with the general ledger and invoicing capability of SAP.

Financial Management


Leverage Planview AdaptiveWork’s flexible integration with Netsuite back-office operations and financial business processes to bring key project financials from Planview AdaptiveWork into the resource tracking, project financials, timesheet and expense management modules of NetSuite.

Financial Management


Leverage Planview AdaptiveWork’s flexible integration with Oracle’s E-Business Suite (EBS) to bring key project financials from Planview AdaptiveWork together with your financial planning and accounting in Oracle.

Financial Management

Financial Highlights Panel

The panel gives project managers a quick overview of the most important financial information relating to the project at a glance, and is customizable for any fields and custom formulas. The panel also employs conditional formatting to demonstrate the health of those KPIs marked in Green (healthy) and Red (problematic). 

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IT Service Management


Begin service management in ServiceNow and pass all the project data into Planview AdaptiveWork to gain the powerful tracking, engagement, visibility and resource management that your team needs.

IT Service Management


Bring transparency across your support and project teams. Use Zendesk tickets to trigger actions and workflow in Planview AdaptiveWork and provide project teams with visibility into customer and case information in Zendesk. Bring project data back into Zendesk to keep support teams informed of progress.

Mobile Access

Planview AdaptiveWork for Android

Enables your mobile workforce to get all the information they need from AdaptiveWork at the critical moment they need it. Users will have the ability to collaborate, review their work (tasks and issues), report on progress and timesheets, and even submit new work items from the field.

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Mobile Access

Planview AdaptiveWork for iPhone

Access all the information you need from AdaptiveWork wherever and whenever you need it. Collaborate, review your work and cases, view files, report on progress, timesheets, and expenses and create new items.

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Activity Stream

Helps you and your team stay up to date with the most important updates to your tasks, milestones, projects, files and other AdaptiveWork items.

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Email Notification Manager

Allows sending email notifications under several scenarios such as tasks running behind schedule, resource assignment, unassignment, or items being deleted.

Read More • Email Notification Manager


Automatic Send Update Request

Sends a progress update request automatically to all resources when a milestone is updated to At Risk.

Read More • Automatic Send Update Request


InterAct Samples

Clarizen’s patented InterAct email engine lets users trigger virtually any action in AdaptiveWork with a simple email. This collection of sample mailboxes and rules will give you a baseline structure to begin working with InterAct.

Read More • InterAct Samples


InterAct Issue Management

Clarizen’s patented InterAct Issue Management email engine lets users trigger virtually any action in the AdaptiveWork project management software with a simple email. This Issue Management App features a complete issue life cycle management, all with email messages.

Read More • InterAct Issue Management


Resource Notifications

Notify a resource when they are assigned or removed from a task as well as send notification to resource’s direct manager upon assignment.

Read More • Resource Notifications

Other Ways To Connect

ProSymmetry Tempus Resource

Consolidate your resource data into one place for more efficient capacity planning when working across multiple work management systems.

Other Ways To Connect


Instantly connect Planview AdaptiveWork with 2,000+ apps to automate your work across applications and uncover more productivity super powers.

Read More • Zapier

Project Planning


Streamlines the enterprise planning process, provides visibility throughout the full project lifecycle including construction, and facilitates collaboration across all stakeholders, including clients.

Read More • Procore

Project Planning and Scheduling

PERT Effort Estimation

Includes a custom action to help the project manager estimate the effort of the WBS using the PERT technique. 

Read More • PERT Effort Estimation

Project Planning and Scheduling

Set Actual Start Date

Set a Task’s Actual Start Date when activity is first recorded. This is particularly useful when using the Planned vs Actual Resource Load views or Roadmap.

Read More • Set Actual Start Date

Project Planning and Scheduling

Meet Commit Date

Allows you to prevent users from manually setting a due date that is later than the defined committed date.

Read More • Meet Commit Date

Project Planning and Scheduling

Total Slack

This App creates a customer field to show the amount of time that a work item can be overdue without affecting the project’s due date.

Read More • Total Slack

Reporting and Dashboards

Slide Publisher App

Produce branded, executive-quality Microsoft PowerPoint presentations with up-to-date insights from AdaptiveWork One.

Read More • Slide Publisher App

Reporting and Dashboards

Project Version Snapshot Reports

A set of sample best practice reports set for Project Managers to track changes in plans over time.

Read More • Project Version Snapshot Reports

Reporting and Dashboards

Program Dashboard and Reports

A sample best practice dashboard and report set for program managers highlighting upcoming milestones, recently-closed tasks, aggregated issues, risks, requests and bugs, aggregated resource team, CAPEX/ OPEX budgets and other financial planning insights.

Read More • Program Dashboard and Reports

Reporting and Dashboards

Project Highlight Report

Provides highlights of the past week and the upcoming week, as well as high level project information, risks, requests and issues. 

Read More • Project Highlight Report

Reporting and Dashboards

Daily Trend Snapshots

Captures actual and expected progress, actual and remaining effort, planned work, unapproved timesheets and scheduling status KPIs as Daily Snapshot data objects that can be utilized for trend reporting and more.

Read More • Daily trend Snapshots

Reporting and Dashboards

Portfolio Timelines

See top-level timeline visualizations of projects for Portfolio Projects (show sub projects and shortcuts), Customers (linked projects), or individual Users (Projects they Manage).

Read More • Portfolio Timelines

Reporting and Dashboards

Periodic Project Report

Generate a Project Report with basic project information, roadmap, details on milestones, tasks (completed, active and tasks at risk or off/track), risks, requests, issues, bugs and timesheet reports.

Read More • Periodic Project Report

Reporting and Dashboards

Document Publisher

Document Publisher lets you dynamically create reports in the Microsoft Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx and .pptm) file formats based on AdaptiveWork data. 

Read More • Document Publisher

Reporting and Visualization

Microsoft Excel

Bring information from Planview AdaptiveWork into Excel for offline manipulation, then import the data back into Planview AdaptiveWork. This integration lets users keep their custom workflows and the computing power of Excel while they leverage Planview AdaptiveWork’s collaborative and project management capabilities.

Read More • AdaptiveWork excel add-in

Reporting and Visualization


Utilize Planview AdaptiveWork data in Tableau to combine with data from other business critical systems for further analysis and insights.

Reporting and Visualization


Maintain transparency and alignment across your Sales, Professional Services and Customer Success teams by providing a clear view of the customer’s experience during onboarding, adoption, and retention stages both in AdaptiveWork and Gainsight.

Read More • Gainsight

Reporting and Visualization

User Analytics

User Analytics is a login tracker for Admins to keep track of their Daily Active Users (DAU) base.

Read More • User Analytics

Resource Management

Add Resource Manager as Work Item Manager

When a user is assigned as a resource, automatically assign their Direct Manager as a Manager on the work item to enable them to swap resources with other team members.

Read More • Add Resource Manager as Work Item Manager

Resource Management

Add Project Creator as a Manager

Adds the creator of a project as an Additional Manager.

Read More • Add Project Creator as a Manager

Resource Management

Skilled Resource Availability

Assign a skill requirement to a task and a panel will display a list of users with that skill and their availability in the same work week.

Read More • Skilled Resource Availability

Resource Management

Auto Assign Task Manager

Automatically assigns a manager to a task.

Read More • Auto Assign Task Manager



Easily conform to your organization’s security needs by applying your existing data security, threat prevention, governance and compliance policies to Planview AdaptiveWork One through API connectors to McAfee MVISION Cloud.

Read More • McAfee

Time Tracking

Time Reporting Compliance

Streamline the reminder and tracking process for time reporting. Time reporting compliance is a operational KPI for organizations to keep track of where their people are spending time.

Read More • Time Reporting Compliance

Time Tracking

Prevent Timesheet Under-Reporting

Prevent users from reporting fewer than 8 hours per day.

Read More • Prevent Timesheet Under-Reporting

Time Tracking

Prevent Future Reporting

Prevent reporting of timesheets on future dates.

Read More • Prevent Future Reporting


Training Hub

Training Hub is a preconfigured, extensible page to aggregate all material related to getting the most from Clarizen.

Read More • Training Hub

User Administration

Active Directory

Automate the synchronization of your network’s selected Active Directory groups and users into your AdaptiveWork organization with Active Directory User Sync.

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User Administration

Group Members as Additional Managers

Automate role assignment for Organizations that have enabled Multi Managers and have certain Groups who should have additional manager (editor-type) permissions over certain projects.

Read More • Group Members as Additional Managers