Project Version Snapshot Reports

A set of sample best practice reports set for Project Managers to track changes in plans over time.

Copy and adapt the reports for your organization’s specific requirements.

About This App

Install the App which includes 4 Reports for inspiration and adaptation:

  1. Project Version Creation
    Details of when each Version was snapshotted, and by who
  2. Version Snapshots: Project Resources Costs
    Changes to Project Cost and Revenue structures by Resource, over time, as Versions were snapshotted.
  3. Version Snapshots: Scope and Financials Evolution
    Changes to Project total Scope, Cost and Revenue, over time, as Versions were snapshotted.
  4. Version Snapshots: Milestone Evolution
    Changes to Project Milestones Due Dates including scope and financials, over time, as Versions were snapshotted.


  1. Save some Project Versions
  2. Run the Report from the Reports module and select the Project whose Snapshots you want to report on.
  3. Create a Custom Action to launch reports from a Project details page.


Minimum Requirements

  1. Ensure Financial Planning is enabled in your organization
  2. Run the Reports once you have Projects with relevant Version Snapshots saved with data in them.
    Without snapshotting Version data, the reports will run, but will not have any data to display.