Micro Focus ALM Octane

Micro Focus ALM Octane

Micro Focus ALM Octane is the next generation of Application Lifecycle Management, specifically geared toward organizations that are looking to start or expand their Agile or DevOps initiatives. But not all practitioners want, or can, use Micro Focus ALM Octane directly. Some organizations will want to use other Agile planning tools or test management tools, or will want requirements management or help desk tools that are specifically tuned to those tasks. And in a DevOps world, connecting Micro Focus ALM Octane to a wide assortment of IT automation, automated testing, security vulnerability detection and continuous integration tools is key. When that’s the case, the success of your Agile or DevOps initiatives is dependent on having a robust integration solution that can accommodate the complexities inherent in weaving together these disparate tools.

  • Point and click integration with tools like Jira and ServiceNow®.
  • Eliminated confusion and time wasted on manual duplicate entry initiatives.
  • Help your teams all be on the same page from concept to creation.
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Other popular integrations

  • • broadcom-gateway
  • • ptc-gateway
  • • git-gateway
  • • pivotal-tracker-gateway
  • • codebeamer-gateway
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