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The Ignite Innovation Summit is where the world’s innovation leaders come together to discuss the latest trends and strategies in crowdsourced innovation.


  • 2019
  • Encouraging


    Encouraging and Funding Client-Focused Innovation (Presented in Atlanta)

    This deep dive into CGI’s unique use of Planview IdeaPlace highlights why they won the Ignite Innovation award for “Most Innovative Use Case.” Using IdeaPlace for everything from requesting challenges to training new sponsor challenges, as well as advertising the realized value of selected ideas, CGI demonstrates the art of innovation within crowdsources.

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    Driving Breakthrough Innovation Through Collaboration & Engagement-Spectrum Brands (Presented in Atlanta)

    Spectrum Brands is 6 months into their new product innovation journey with Planview IdeaPlace and crowdsourcing is breaking down geographical, brand, and departmental barriers, encouraging collaboration across the company. Their focus on solving relevant market problems for both customers and retail partners has resulted in both a “vault” of ideas in the backlog as well as game-changing ideas ready for development.

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  • Innovation


    Innovation Renovation: How to Pivot your Innovation Roadmap to Add Strategic Value (Presented in New York City)

    Tremco’s innovation program got a strategic “reboot” to course correct their initial “failure to launch.” By focusing on outcomes, focused communication, and fully resourcing selected ideas, they have successfully built a healthy innovation pipeline.

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  • Ignite


    Creating Purpose-Driven Products & Businesses (Presented in San Francisco)

    Cambia Health’s 8 year innovation journey with Planview IdeaPlace focuses on driving collaboration, diversity, and inclusion to deliver a stellar experience for both consumers and employees. They have curated volunteer innovation roles and teams with 68% of employees engaged. The program has graduated 4 CEO’s.

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    HS2 Innovation Strategy: Ensuring Innovation is Baked In, Not Bolted On (Presented in London)

    HS2 is more than a railway. It is a strategic innovation program designed to deliver value, impact, and benefit industry-wide. With their 3 core pillars of capability, capacity, and culture, they are successfully incorporating innovation into everything they do.

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    Value Creation in a Culture of Innovation (Presented in London)

    Famed brand Johnson & Johnson is leveraging Planview IdeaPlace with more than 8000 manufacturing operators in plants around the globe to create value and strengthen culture. The winning ideas highlighted are not only inspiring, but impactful.

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  • 2018
  • Geoff_Tuff-min

    Deloitte Consulting LLP

    Getting Practical About Innovation in a Digital Age

    Geoff Tuff, Principal

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  • Mohan_Nair_Mainstage-min

    Cambia Health

    The Stolen Voice

    Mohan Nair, Chief Innovation Officer

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  • Jeff_George_Campbells-min

    Campbell Soup Company

    Strategic Alignment: Connecting Your Innovation Program to Company Goals

    Jeff George, VP of Research & Development

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  • Chris_Morris_Herbalife-min


    Ready, Set, Go… IdeaPlace as the Cornerstone of Herbalife’s Corporate Innovation Program

    Chris Morris, Chief Innovation Officer

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  • IdeaPlace-Ignite-2018-Rebecca-Cameron-min


    Culture Change: the Ideation Playbook for Radical Transformation

    Rebecca Cameron, VP Corporate Strategy

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  • Shawn_H_Pepperdine-min

    Pepperdine University

    How to Lead When You’re Not in Charge

    Shawn Herrera, Director of Corporate Partnerships

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  • TGH_9691-min

    Johnson & Johnson

    Beyond Ideation: Bringing Innovative Ideas to Life with Speed, Visibility and Passion

    Linda Lavelle, Director, Knowledge Management

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  • IdeaPlace-Ignite-2018-Executive-Panel-min

    Nasdaq, Herbalife, Campbell Soup Company

    Executive Panel Discussion

    Rebecca Cameron, Chris Morris, Jeff George

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  • Wayne_Bush_NuSkin-min

    Nu Skin

    Turning Ideation into a Key Business Discipline for Growth

    Wayne Bush, Global Director – HR Business Partners & HR Operations

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  • JE1_4165-min

    Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

    Springboard for Innovation

    Patricia Forts, Deputy Chief Innovation and Strategy Officer

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  • Christian_Claire_JohnsonandJohnson-min

    Johnson & Johnson

    Unlikely Innovators

    Claire Kingston, Director of Platform Innovation and Design, Bioresearch Quality and Compliance Christian Weh, Sr. Director Global MAKE

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  • John_Klick_Pfizer-min


    Dare to Try: Lessons in Corporate Innovation from Pfizer’s 5 Year Innovation Program

    John Klick, Senior Manager, Worldwide Innovation

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  • Jesse_CBA-min

    Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    Turning Your Innovation Program into a Runaway Success

    Jesse Arundell, Senior Open Innovation Consultant

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  • Julie_Pigott_SouthernCompany-min

    Southern Company

    How to Ideate Effectively Across Brands with Distinct Cultures

    Julie Pigott, Director Innovation Support

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  • Erica_Church_Gov_Saskatchewan-min

    Government of Saskatchewan

    Demonstrating & Measuring Value

    Erica Church, Improvement Specialist

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  • Mike_Walker_Raytheon-min


    Igniting Innovation in the Defense Industry

    Mike Walker, Innovation Center Lead

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