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Translate strategy into results

with Planview Enterprise One

Accelerate strategic execution with Planview Enterprise One by integrating business and technology planning, optimizing all resources, and delivering breakthrough products, services, and customer experiences to achieve maximum business performance.

Key features for Planview Enterprise One

  • Translate strategy into delivery on an organization-wide, cross-functional scale with roadmaps that connect the investments, outcomes, business capabilities, milestones, technology and financials required to realize strategies.

    • Strategic Planning

      Realize your strategy. Translate high-level missions and objectives into specific investments necessary to make strategy real across departments and geographies.

    • Program Management

      Leverage program management to deliver strategic initiatives. Reach across traditional organizational and geographic silos.

    • Roadmapping

      Build roadmaps that connect strategy, investments, projects and resources. Ensure the organization is on track to deliver products, technology and applications.

    • Investment Prioritization

      Rank and analyze investments by business drivers and use what-if scenarios to compare options. Create an optimized portfolio to drive strategic success.

    • Financial Planning

      Set financial targets for your portfolios. Manage to them with capabilities for budgeting, forecasting, and tracking costs and benefits.

  • Collect and evaluate demand across the enterprise from unstructured ideas to formal project requests, all in one place.

    • Demand Management

      See demand from across the enterprise. Evaluate requests to leverage your limited resources in the best way possible.

    • Ideation Management

      Collect winning ideas that drive competitive advantage. Fuel innovation by gathering ideas, automating idea ranking, and aligning ideas with needs and capabilities.

    • Process Automation and Management

      Improve time to delivery and market. Manage and automate the business and technology processes that power your projects and teams.

  • Plan and optimize people, costs, work, technology, and business capabilities; easily adapt plans as conditions change. Visualize the relationships across portfolios integrating strategy, capability, applications, programs, projects.

    • Program Management

      Capture demand, build plans, prioritize portfolios, balance capacity across demand, and manage financials. Our end-to-end approach spans your portfolios.

    • Capacity Planning

      Make the right tradeoffs to optimize people and money. Continuous investment and capacity planning support maximizes your resources for strategic outcomes.

    • Business Capability Planning

      Evaluate business capabilities against business goals. Help the business anticipate investment opportunities and make planning a continuous process.

    • Metamodel

      Model complex portfolios and enhance governance with our library of component types. It is based on best practices of the Global 2000 to streamline your work.

    • Scenario Modeling

      Analyze alternate models for transformation. Create technology and application models to examine scenarios for moving to a new future state.

    • Impact Analysis

      Validate change options effectively. Understand how potential changes will affect your business to ensure accurate scoping and predictable delivery times.

    • Automated Data Collection

      Connect with the best sources of technology portfolio data. Ensure that the information you use to make decisions is current, correct, and consistent.

    • Forecast and Actuals

      Manage costs against the budget across portfolios. Balance your portfolio for capital and expense constraints.

    • Standards Catalog

      Define a standard for technology across your enterprise. Leverage the metamodel and address technologies, versions, lifecycles, and refresh cycles.

  • Manage and deliver across all types of work, technology, and application portfolios. Translate business requirements into standards to meet strategic objectives, reducing cost and mitigating risk.

    • Status and Staff All Work

      Get a complete approach for all kinds of work – traditional, agile, iterative, and collaborative. Balance work and resources and keep teams productive.

    • Resource Management

      Get the most effective use of your resources. A scalable user experience ensures everyone is working on the right priorities to deliver the right outcomes.

    • Project Planning and Management

      Ensure on-time, on-budget project delivery. Schedules and milestones keep people and projects on course for maximum impact; dashboards give performance insight.

    • Iterative Work Management

      Take an iterative approach to project execution and delivery, and apply agile concepts in planning and managing their work.

    • Costs and Actuals

      See planned and actual financials of projects and programs. Make sure things are on track to deliver on-budget, and head off issues before they affect the plan.

    • Application and Technology Portfolio Management

      Standardize and rationalize technology and application portfolios. Catalog and evaluate assets and plan for optimized portfolios that support the business well.

    • Time Reporting

      Know how your people spend their time. Streamlined and robust timesheets capture project and non-project work quickly on desktop and mobile.

    • Governance and Standards

      Monitor compliance with technology standards. Plan for a standard technology stack with predictable implementation times and costs; track compliance with reports.

    • Design Patterns

      Create standard workflows with design patterns. Access prebuilt patterns and modify patterns discovered through use to streamline work and limit risk.

    • Lifecycles

      Purposefully manage the life of applications and technologies. Document and share critical milestones so that all decision makers know when to use which technology.

    • Ad-hoc Analysis

      View, analyze, and manage interconnected enterprise-level portfolios. Perform real-time and dynamic analysis of organizational business and technology assets.

    • Centralized Repository

      Leverage one source for technology assets and one source for projects. See relationships between and to business capabilities, organizations, programs and strategies.

  • Coordinate delivery and benefits realized from the products, services and other outcomes that achieve strategic objectives.

    • Outcome-centric Roadmaps

      Synchronize the schedule, milestones, releases, and financials of each outcome with key information about the associated programs and projects.

    • Deliver Product and Application Outcomes

      Drive IT and product strategy through your organization. Use product and application roadmaps that include programs, projects, key milestones and releases.

    • Application, Services, and Products TCO

      Understand the TCO of managing an application, service, technology, or product.

  • Bring teams together to get things done, no matter where they work.

    • Collaborative Work Management

      Collaboration with Planview Projectplace keeps teams aligned and workloads manageable.

    • Online Kanban Boards

      Visualize the flow of work and progress across all your team’s projects and commitments.

    • Real-Time Team Communication

      Engage your team members by enabling them to instantly share feedback, ideas, and questions.

  • Make informed decisions every step of the way and provide C-level performance visibility and governance.

    • Portfolio Reporting and Visualizations

      Make better portfolio decisions. More than 200 out-of-the-box reports and visualizations are yours for a comprehensive view of the project, technology, application, and product landscape.

    • Dashboard Analytics

      Provide high-level visibility into the state of your portfolios with interactive and easy to consume dashboards. View performance spanning strategy, programs, projects, products, applications, technologies, and resources.

    • Analytics and Reporting

      Understand performance and investigate issues with reports and analytics that are easily accessed and shared via fully embedded Microsoft Power BI in ribbons and tiles. Make data-driven decisions quickly to take informed action.

Explore our Planview work and resource management solutions

Planview Enterprise One is the foundation of four powerful solutions.

Planview Enterprise One certifications

  • Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready

    Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready

    The Skyhigh CloudTrust Rating shortens the evaluation process from weeks to hours, offering an objective, holistic assessment of Planview Enterprise One’s security capabilities and enterprise readiness.

  • AICPA certified

    AICPA certified

    This cloud security audit verifies for customers that Planview Enterprise One meets tough requirements for security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy.

  • TOGAF 9

    TOGAF 9

    Planview Enterprise One is TOGAF 9 certified, an indication that it provides an approach for designing, planning, implementing, and governing an enterprise information technology architecture.

The Information You Need

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Planview Enterprise One customer success

  • “Using Planview Enterprise, we were able to realign our resources from support to more high-value projects – and actually know which projects are highest value to the business.”

    Roxanne Seymour Senior Director of PMO, Carter’s, Inc.
  • “This has really paid off to help us understand capacity and planning for the next 12 to 18 months.”

    Brad Clark Director, Enterprise Portfolio Management, BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina
  • “Planview Enterprise pays for itself. This solution has already helped us improve and streamline our project and process management, making the whole process easier and more user-friendly.”

    Paul Hoch IT Manager, Zumtobel
  • “My end goal was to have good visibility, a strong tool that could scale globally, and support for Essilor of America – Planview Enterprise has brought it all in less time than I ever imagined.”

    Diane Williams Roberts Director, Enterprise Portfolio Managment at Essilor of America
  1. Carter
  2. BlueCross BlueShield
  3. Zumtobel
  4. Essilor

Connect with the applications you already use

Simplify integrations between the Planview solutions and the applications you use daily. With Planview Integration-as-a-Service you can:
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Have visibilty for better decisions
  • Create standards for data loads and custom actions

Custom integrations at an out-of-the-box price

  • Jira
  • ServiceNow
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft Project
  • SAP
  • TeamCenter
  • Microsoft
  • BDNA
  • BMC Remedy