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By combining online team collaboration tools with powerful collaborative work management software, ProjectPlace provides everything you and your dispersed team needs to manage group projects and complete daily tasks. Start a free trial and see how easy it is to plan team projects, schedule tasks, collaborate on documents, and track your team’s progress using integrated Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and communication tools.

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with Planview ProjectPlace

Planview ProjectPlace offers a wide range of powerful collaborative work management capabilities that enable anyone, in any business function to plan and execute work with their teams, track progress in real time, and ultimately achieve goals.

  • Set a goal and create your plan

    Show where you are heading and how you plan to get there in a classic Gantt chart view. Then get everyone aligned.
  • Organize your team’s work

    Share the team tasks, see who’s working on what, and visualize the flow of work and progress on Kanban boards.
  • Increase project team efficiency

    Let your team members stay in control of their commitments with project tracking and task planning towards the joint goal.

Planview ProjectPlace delivers collaborative work management capabilities across multiple Planview solutions

  • Strategic Portfolio Management

    Empowers executives, transformation and strategy leaders, finance, and EPMOs to drive business outcomes across multiple functions, create dynamic plans to adapt with change, and accelerate on-strategy delivery.
  • Project Portfolio Management

    Helps PMOs optimize program and project portfolios, balance capacity against demand, prioritize work, focus resources, and empower teams to deliver work that drives value to the business.
  • Enterprise Agile Planning

    Empowers executives, software development, Agile and transformation leaders to embrace new ways of working, connect strategic plans and funding to Agile delivery, and scale Agile on their terms and timeline.
  • Product Portfolio Management

    Empowers R&D leaders and product organizations to prioritize high-value products, identify risks and opportunities, optimize resource capacity – balancing the product mix to achieve target revenue and profitability.
  • Professional Services Automation

    Enables services organizations to connect project, resource, and financial management capabilities in order to gain visibility across the entire opportunity-to-revenue lifecycle.

Planview ProjectPlace features

  • Lightweight planning to quickly, efficiently plot your project. Assign work to teams, connect plan to team boards. Monitor progress in real-time to mitigate roadblocks.

    • Collaborative Project Planning & Workstreams

      Create your project plan and connect project workstream items to activities and milestones using integrated Kanban boards and Gantt charts.

    • Requests

      Capture ideas for new workspaces executed in Projectplace.

    • Online Gantt Charts

      Stay on top of project progress by visualizing your goals and plans, with all major steps, in modernized classic Gantt charts.

    • Online Kanban Boards

      Visualize the flow of work and progress across all your team’s projects and commitments.

    • Risks & Issue Management

      Identify and mitigate the potential pitfalls or roadblock in the path to a successful project.

    • Project Plan Templates

      Quickly set up new workspaces and projects using pre-defined project management templates based on best practices.

    • Integrations

      Connect your work from across multiple tools, such as Microsoft Teams and Zapier) to ensure seamless flow of information and enhanced visibility for teams and managers.

  • Teams and individuals collaborate in real-time, fostering creativity, problem-solving, and sharing of information.

    • Real-time Team Communication

      Engage your team members by enabling them to instantly share feedback, ideas, and questions. Capture project-related updates in the context of work using comments and conversations.

    • Whiteboards

      Bring your teams together to find creative solutions using a free form whiteboard supporting many forms of brainstorming and convert these ideas into action items.

    • Mobile Project Management Apps

      Use project management apps for iOS and Android to access your work, update status of assignments, review documents, and collaborate with your team members.

    • Integrations

      Enable your teams with seamless collaboration spanning across multiple platforms, such as Slack.

  • Robust content management to create, store, share, and work with project-related content in one place.

    • File Sharing & Document Management

      Share files and collaborate on project documents and enable team members to attach relevant files directly to Kanban boards from varied sources. Manage access rights and apply version control for your documents.

    • Document Review Workflows

      Manage how content is shared and accessed in your organization with elaborate access rights and data loss protection policies.

    • Document Templates

      Ensure consistency and efficiency while working with documents using the templates functionality to capture standards and formats within your organization.

    • Data Loss Prevention

      Native content management with the support of all standard formats of content supporting versioning, reviews, and digital signatures.

    • Integrations

      Connect third party content management services to your projects to bring all the important and project related content in one place.

  • Multi-faceted and multi-level reporting to track progress and status to make sure your projects and teams are successful.

    • Project Tracking

      Increase project team efficiency by providing a digest of upcoming, ongoing, and overdue work for yourself, your teams, and your workspaces.

    • Time Tracking

      Make it easy for your users to track and manage their time, with time reporting capabilities against all tasks and activities.

    • Project Dashboards & Reporting Templates

      Use project dashboards and reports to visualize progress, help track how close the team is to meeting deadlines, and identify where bottlenecks may be occurring.

    • Project Portfolios

      Provide stakeholders with the means to track performance across the projects that matter to them and to identify and address projects that may need attention.

    • Workload

      Visualize and analyze the capacity, assignments and engagements of your team members and project members spanning across the whole organization.

    • Integrations

      Visualize your project and portfolio related data using third party services to create comprehensive reports and dashboards.

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“ProjectPlace is a really, really useful tool to bring all the people you need around the project and the project work that you need to undertake.”


Paul Macmillan

Organizational Development and Corporate Affairs Officer

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Fresenius Medical Care

“My organization was tasked not only with rolling out a system but with changing the way we worked. And we leveraged Planview to help us do that.”


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