Planview Tasktop’s Value Stream Management Platform is helping to drive the Automotive industry forward

Cars are now computers on wheels and software is the engine. As vehicles evolve from purely mechanical engineering, agile approaches are helping automotive organizations connect each step in their transformation journey and gain competitive advantage. The Planview Tasktop VSM platform optimizes your digital production lines to accelerate time-to-market, business agility and innovation.

Take the wheel of your software journey

Take the wheel of your software journey

Electric cars. Autonomous driving. Virtual simulation. Software continues to transform transportation. Yet unlike the physical parts of the car, the digital components are often the product of invisible knowledge work. How can something so important be so intangible and unmeasurable?

Tasktop connects the tools across your complex supply chains and provides transparency into the “black box” of software delivery. Leverage real-time value stream metrics to measure and continuously improve the end-to-end flow of the key software assets in your products.

  • Whether for simulation, dashboards or mobility apps, accelerate your feature delivery to deliver business value faster.
  • Tune up your end-to-end resolution times for defects to continuously improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Treat security, privacy and other vulnerabilities work like seat belts. Constantly track and address this work to safeguard your customers and the business.
  • Don’t flood the engine: Keep an eye on technical debt and pay it down to preserve existing and future performance.
  • Automate work, not just driving: Automate cross-tool, cross-supplier traceability and create a common data model for improved governance and compliance.

“The companies who are not willing or not able to transform and move towards becoming more flexible and more innovative will not exist in a couple of years.”

Rene Te-Strote

Senior IT Project Lead, BMW Group (Mik+One Podcast, Episode 25)

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