A digital-first world is intensifying demands on software to support the mission, agency and public

The gap between technology’s impact on federal government operations versus the industry’s pace of IT reforms is reaching a breaking point. The “old way” of doing things has run its course, particularly as the federal sector is facing increasingly complex missions and heightened citizen expectations.

Innovative agencies are finding ways to shift to more flexible models and approaches for delivering value. This kind of “private sector agility” reaps massive rewards, such as launching IT systems in months rather than years and adapting and reusing technologies rather than building from scratch. What are they doing differently?

Baselining and measuring the value of software delivery

Baselining and measuring the value of software delivery

CIOs who are embracing their role as change agents are meeting challenges with new frameworks that improve visibility, mitigate risk and manage resistance to change. At the core of these strategies is the ability to view and analyze the impact of continuous improvement efforts and use these insights to lead meaningful dialogue on how technology can improve government service delivery.

Learn how federal agencies are shifting their thinking in order to:

  • Automate and improve flow across toolchains and contractors to improve productivity, time-to-value and traceability
  • Uncover bottlenecks that result in delays in program planning, such as poorly defined requirements and scope creep
  • Gain actionable visibility upfront, without disrupting how work is done today
  • Align with and scale existing initiatives, like DevOps and SAFe
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