Value Stream Management and the shift of the PMO

Diverse skillset. Deep knowledge of the business. The PMO is perfectly positioned to be the linchpin of an organization’s digital journey. The Planview VSM Platform closes the loop between IT and the business.

A Mediator Between the Business and IT

A Mediator Between the Business and IT

A flurry of “urgent” requests. Impatient stakeholders. Balancing the demands of the business while supporting your IT Teams is hard.

With Flow Metrics, the PMO obtains the end-to-end visibility and measurement across the product portfolio that they’ve longed for since time immemorial. Finally, a common language that “both sides” understand to:

  • Identify and prioritize key product value streams crucial to continuity and growth
  • Track requests from ideation to operation
  • Identify bottlenecks impeding value flow
  • Helping the business understand bottleneck complexity
  • Better manage load on teams
  • Visualize tech debt, risk, neglected and unplanned work
  • Support resource allocation and investment strategy
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