IT Service Management (ITSM) processes can be challenging and complicated to manage, especially when multiple teams, various tools, and stakeholders from across the organization are involved. Luckily, Kanban can give your team the visibility it needs to take a systems-thinking approach to prioritizing and managing problems, changes, and incidents, resulting in faster time to resolution and reduced costs.

We have four board templates (based on ITIL guidelines) to help your team quickly get started on managing and implementing your ITSM processes. These templates reflect four of your most common workflows:

  1. Incident resolution
  2. Change authorization
  3. Change implementation
  4. Problem and incident management

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Who Should Use These Templates?

These Kanban board templates were designed to help IT Operations teams manage their work: whether that’s managing routine problems and major incidents, authorizing and implementing changes, or contributing to project-driven work.

Using Kanban to manage complex ITSM processes can help IT Operations teams reach the level of sustainability and predictability desired by the organization. IT Operations teams and their stakeholders will find these templates helping for visualizing and managing complex workflows.

These templates are available for AgilePlace customers using our Select, Advanced, and Premium editions.

Why Use ITSM Board Templates?

These Kanban board templates were designed to give everyone involved in your ITSM processes, from teams to managers to executives, the right level of visibility. They can be used together, or as standalone boards, to keep everyone in your team or organization on the same page.

Use the Kanban board templates together to manage changes, problems, and incidents across your entire organization. Manage and track all assigned activities across the organization on one overarching board, then facilitate the work required to complete each activity on team-level boards. Connecting the boards in this way will automate progress reporting all the way to the top, giving executives the portfolio-level view they need to make strategic decisions.

Kanban boards give organizations using ITSM processes the visibility they need to standardize processes and remove handoff friction between teams responsible for the work. Using these board templates enables teams to collaborate and communicate more effectively. Improved collaboration and stronger communication foster an environment stable enough to practice continuous improvement.

Remember that these templates are simply a place to get started. Kanban boards in AgilePlace are designed for maximum flexibility, so you can customize them to meet your organization’s specific needs. These board templates were also designed to nurture an environment of continuous improvement, with review steps built into every process.

About the Board Templates

These Kanban board templates were designed to help you effectively manage and improve key ITSM processes, including change, problem, and incident management. We also have a board template that can assist your organization in coordinating responses to major incidents as they arise. Keep reading to learn how to use each of these board templates.

Change Authorization Board Template

Use this board template to manage change authorization requests.

Managing change authorization on a Kanban board can ensure that standardized methods and procedures are used for prompt and efficient change management. This can minimize the downstream impact of change management activities on service quality.

Change Implementation Board Template

Use this board template to manage the implementation of change activities.

Once changes are authorized on the Change Authorization board, they move to this board to be deployed. Using this board template can keep all teams aligned and informed, helping them implement changes faster and with higher quality.

Incident Management Board Template

Use this board template to prioritize and manage routine incidents based on their impact on the business.

While major incidents may require immediate attention on boards dedicated exclusively to solving them, routine incidents might not require a disruption of regular activity. This board can help teams prioritize and manage incidents based on their relative impact to the business.

Problem Management Board Template

Use this board template to diagnose the root causes of incidents that move through the incident management board.

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