How TUI Group transformed into a high-performing tech company managing holiday experiences by using Planview Tasktop Viz

TUI Overview

TUI Group is the world's number one end-to-end travel tour operator. With hundreds of hotels, an airline, stores, and a significant online presence, they operate in 15 different countries and take millions of people on holiday every year.

The Opportunity

According to Pieter Jordaan, Chief Technology Officer for TUI Group, “COVID has been a different experience for us. It provided us with a great opportunity as well… to transform our company.”

Digital transformation is a big trend, for sure. But how does such a large travel company consolidate all of its different assets and specifically the technology that they use? There may be different business models [in different markets], but the technology required to sell the product must be the same.

Technology is driving the cost of sales, speed of distribution and new features to customers. Consumers everywhere expect their experiences to be faster, and the travel industry must invest once in these experiences and then distribute them everywhere in the world.

TUI started to look at how we would move from market-specific operators to a global organization that creates once and distributes in multiple places — with one technology stack.

The Result

In this video, Jordaan talks about how TUI pivoted quickly from a traditional asset company to become more of a platform company — transforming into a software company, and he says, “Underneath it all, we are a technology company that manages the holiday experience… I think it was an epiphany for me to have Mik [Kersten, Tasktop CEO] come and speak to our IT leadership team; we started to realize that if we don't adopt the Flow Framework and actually measure proper business value to the end customer, we won’t know where we would miss some revenue, know where our bottom line would be and know whether we are being successful in transforming into a product-based organization.”