Electronic Kanban boards, or online Kanban boards, are the next generation of Kanban in project management. While many teams still benefit from using whiteboards, cork boards, and sticky notes to visually manage their work, many more have turned to electronic Kanban (eKanban) as a way to save all past and present project data in one place.

Kanban 101: Supercharge your team’s productivity

Genom att uppmuntra team att identifiera, prioritera och avsiktligen slutföra arbetsposterna en i taget kan Kanban hjälpa till att bekämpa de skadliga effekterna av multitasking i en överstimulerad värld.

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Webbaserad köpguide till Kanban-programvara

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Se e-boken • Webbaserad köpguide till Kanban-programvara

The best thing about an electronic Kanban board is that distributed teams can access it from anywhere with an Internet connection. Electronic Kanban allows users to track the history of a project and make changes without losing any data. Online Kanban also helps distributed teams see a project’s details without having to take a photo of a physical (manual) Kanban board.

Benefits of Electronic Kanban Boards

There are many benefits to using an eKanban, including:

  • Increased team efficiency through improved communication and collaboration
  • Decreased time spent in status meetings
  • Ability to easily manage projects and adapt to changes