Asana is a web and mobile work management platform designed to help teams organize, track, and manage their work. Asana uses sections, boards, lists, and tasks to help project teams visualize the work as it flows from start to finish, allowing practitioners to communicate across teams and departments seamlessly. Our latest connector lets you measure flow in Asana and synchronize artifacts between Asana and the rest of your toolchain.

Lassen Sie die Teams in den Tools ihrer Wahl arbeiten, während sie ihre Arbeitsaufgaben erstellen und aktualisieren, während Planview Hub im Hintergrund arbeitet und alle auf dem Laufenden hält. Die Arbeitsaufgaben werden nahtlos in dem für jedes Team richtigen Tool aktualisiert.

  • Gain overall visibility into projects by using Asana’s boards to visualize project status and work in process
  • Eliminate waste and overhead caused by duplicate data entry, status meetings and searching for information in multiple systems
  • Improve team collaboration by synchronizing tasks across tools
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Integrating Asana with Jira and AgilePlace

Other popular integrations

  • • blueprint-gateway
  • • ibm-gateway
  • • git-gateway
  • • digitalai-gatway
  • • microfocus-gateway
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In dieser On-Demand-Demo erfahren Sie, wie Planview Hub Sie bei der Vernetzung Ihrer Toolchain unterstützen kann.

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