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Marketing Project Management Software in the Changing World of Work

Changing market conditions. Varying customer behavior. Shifting business strategy. Increasing digital growth. Today’s corporate landscape is requiring marketing organizations to deliver customer and business value faster than ever before while ensuring quality remains high.

To meet this imperative, marketing teams need tighter collaboration and greater efficiency – all while working against the challenges of global teams and shorter deadlines. Lean-Agile, iterative, and hybrid styles of work are allowing marketers to move away from traditional long-term planning to a more incremental delivery approach.

Unfortunately, adopting new ways of working without having marketing project management software in place presents risks, such as:

  • The inability to effectively plan against your larger marketing strategy
  • Improper campaign prioritization due to a lack in work visualization and collaboration
  • Loss of visibility into your team’s performance and productivity as you optimize your processes

As hybrid styles of work becomes the new normal, marketing project management software allows marketing organizations to bring their work into a single digital workspace. Teams are empowered with a variety of features that support how they work – whether they require a Gantt Chart for a milestone-based project or need Kanban for cross-functional team visualization.

Planview customers have been able to thrive in traditional, hybrid, and agile ways of working by leveraging our team delivery tools, Projectplace and LeanKit.

Whether you are a Digital Marketer redesigning a website, a VP of Marketing updating a corporate identity, or a CMO leading an agile transformation, Planview’s team tools help to improve strategic alignment, collaboration, and work delivery.


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