Portfolio Management for Agile

Focus on the right projects, not the next projects

Learn how PPM Pro delivers portfolio management for agile projects and delivers top-down visibility into all work.

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  • Keep agile work aligned to business strategy

    Agile portfolio planning starts with value-based scoring to identify the highest value work and re-evaluating what the highest value work is after every sprint cycle. Utilize intuitive dashboards to align agile work to strategic objectives and plan accurate releases. Keep your portfolio strategically in range with:
    • Status and metric reporting to ensure teams are approving and working on the right initiatives
    • Work request initiation that will develop a process for managing request intake and create a pre-backlog
    • Scoring and prioritization of requests to keep approved work aligned with business objectives
    • Approval workflows promote value based decision making and instill appropriate stage gates
  • Quickly answer “What’s the status of the project?”

    Always know where your projects stand with portfolio visibility and reporting. With configurable dashboards and reports for project managers, PMOs, and executive management, every stakeholder has visibility into project status. Agile management of projects allows for changes without taking the portfolio off course. Promote portfolio visibility for:
    • Product release planning and reporting – establish predictability into releases
    • Roadmap planning and insight – insight into future releases
    • Active work reporting across portfolios – identify red flags quickly and course correct as needed
    • Cost management – understand how budgets are being allocated and ensure alignment
  • Have enough people to meet corporate objectives?

    Resourcing is littered with variables and unpredictable changes. Get insight into resource capacity and demand, real time utilization reports, and what-if scenario analysis for your projects. Adapt to resource changes quickly with role-based resource management. Identify gaps and account for real life scenarios with modeling tools. Understand and communicate resource needs for projects with:
    • Labor cost allocation by team, project, product, or epic and by active work type – new features or maintenance
    • Resource assignment reporting based on role, teams, projects, or products
    • Resource capacity constraint analysis across all active work
    • Resource demand constraint analysis across future planned work
  • Working with an agile team that uses a different application?

    No problem! Integrate with existing applications to minimize disruption of workflow and preserve data integrity for project and development managers. Planview’s Integration-as-Service for applications such as JIRA, homegrown, or custom systems supports the advantages of agile for your organization. Configurable dashboards and reports create a customized view of your organization to help close the gap between agile teams and management. Scalable for any size organization, integrations provide a smooth transition to agile portfolio management.
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Portfolio Management for Agile

is just one powerful PPM Pro feature

Propelling your PMO to the next level is easy when your team has the best project portfolio management software.

  • Project Portfolio Management

    Establish a centralized project portfolio. Achieve visibility into projects and resources to enable governance and improved execution across your organization.

  • Project Intake Management

    Capture project requests, new ideas, and work without suffering from intake overload. Manage work demand through scoring and prioritization of the requests that bring the most value.

  • Project Prioritization Alignment

    Prioritize work to align with the business and create more value. Align projects to meet business goals with a top-down approach to scoring and prioritizing work.

  • Requests

    Know that your people and teams are working on the right projects. Improve on-time project delivery execution and view resources by role or skill set and availability to analyze utilization.

  • Project Time Tracking

    Track hours and costs for work. Drive accountability and performance by knowing who is working on what; promote adoption with user-friendly mobile access.

  • Project Management Dashboards and Reports

    Use real-time analytics to measure and manage projects and resources. Get insight with standard metrics, ad-hoc reports, and easily share dashboards with stakeholders.

  • NPD Portfolio Management

    Centralize the gated commercialization process and quickly get the right ideas to market. Compare scenarios to ensure the right NPD portfolio mix to achieve your product strategy.

  • Project Team Collaboration Tools

    Manage tasks and project execution in collaborative workspaces that bring teams together. Capture project information that feeds into your PPM Pro projects for tracking and visibility.

  • Project Budget Management

    Manage forecasts, budgets, and expenses, and track plans vs. actuals to catch opportunities for charge-backs and savings with PPM Pro.

  • Cloud-based Project Management

    PPM Pro is globally hosted in Amazon’s EC2 cloud platform and is SOC 2 Type II verified for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

  • Predictive Portfolio Analysis

    Use predictive analytics to accelerate project portfolio planning. Build scenarios to determine highest-value work that can be achieved given budget or labor constraints.

  • Gantt Charts

    Show the progress of projects in your portfolio with integrated Gantt chart capabilities.

  • Portfolio Management for Agile

    Gain visibility into agile work and ensure your team members are tracking release progress to align the portfolio to business strategy.

  • Security

    Learn how Planview ensures customer data is kept secure and private while using PPM Pro.

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“Planview PPM Pro fills the gap between the dispersed data and the people who need it. Planview PPM Pro enables us to generate high-level to granular-level reports specific to the user so the people who need the data have the data without having to dig for it.”

Michelle Bates

Director of the PMO at Purdue University

Connect with the applications you already use

Seamlessly integrate Planview PPM Pro and the applications you use daily, cloud or on-premise, to:

  • Share data and improve collaboration
  • Have one system of record for visibility into work status
  • Create standards for data loads and custom actions
  • • Jira
  • • Oracle
  • • Zendesk
  • • sap