Planview VSM Platform (formerly Tasktop VSM)

Stop “Doing” Agile. Start “Being” Agile.

  • Measure Agile delivery against business outcomes
  • Obtain end-to-end visibility across your value streams
  • Pinpoint bottlenecks upstream slowing teams down
  • Identify too much WIP, technical debt and other constraints
  • Shift from push to pull mechanism
  • Track progress of iterative Agile journey

Connect Technical Agility with Business Agility

Connect Technical Agility with Business Agility

Are you performing Agile ceremonies but not sure if you’re delivering value to the business? Planview’s VSM Platform measures and optimizes your Agile transformation. Product and IT leaders gain real-time insights that baseline how Agile their organization really is through the eyes of your customers — and what they need to do to get better.

  • Connect Agile delivery to tangible business results
  • Relieve overburdened teams to boost productivity and happiness
  • Spot lurking problems to prevent impediments to existing and future acceleration
  • Measure your continuous improvement journey to track progress
  • Improve decision-making around investment and resources to go faster sooner
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    Measuring Your SAFe® Transformation with Flow Metrics

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