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The Flow Framework is a structured prescriptive approach to Value Stream Management in software delivery organizations. Created by Tasktop founder Dr. Mik Kersten, it identifies where work is flowing in your product value streams and where it’s slowing down so that you can decide how to address those bottlenecks.

The Flow Framework generates its insights directly from the ground truth of what’s happening in the software delivery toolchain – the millions and millions of artifacts (requirements, features, epics, stories, features etc.) that represent the actual software delivery work.

Purpose-built to implement the Flow Framework

Purpose-built to implement the Flow Framework

Planview has the first and only purpose-built solution to implement the Flow Framework. Implementation drives the business to identify and formalize product value streams and report on performance directly from the multiple tools used across all teams.

  • Helps manage a product value stream based on its own Flow Metrics and against its own business results.
  • Measures the end-to-end software delivery value stream, from concept to business value.
  • Identifies bottlenecks in infrastructure, security testing or another team.

Accurate and reliable Value Stream Metrics

Planview’s VSM Platform plugs into your existing toolchain and calculates Flow Metrics quickly. Using models, Planview® Viz carves out the relevant data subset from each tool and abstracts it into clear, crisp, and consistent Flow Metrics.

  • Turnkey dashboards combine Flow Metrics and Business Results, allowing organizations to instantly start realizing the benefits of the Flow Framework.
  • Planview Viz paints the Flow Metrics in four colors representing the four flow items, the units of value your customers will ‘pay for’ – features, defects, risk and debt.
  • Scales easily to massive organizations, accounting for variability in how people work.
  • Endlessly flexible to reflect changes in your portfolios, teams, tools, and processes over time.
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