About SITA

SITA is a world-leading air transport IT and communications provider – dedicated solely to meeting the air transport community’s needs. The company’s aim is to transform air travel through technology — for airlines, on aircraft and at airports.

SITA’s portfolio covers everything from managed global communications and infrastructure services, to eAircraft, passenger management, baggage, self-service, airport and border management solutions.

The company is 100% owned by more than 400 air transport industry members and has a unique understanding of the air industry and how to solve its challenges through technological innovation.

Nearly every airline and airport in the world does business with SITA and its border management solutions are used by more than 30 governments. With a presence at more than 1,000 airports around the world and a customer service team of 2,000+ staff, SITA delivers unmatched service to more than 2,800 customers in more than 200 countries.

The Challenge

One of the biggest problems facing SITA was that its communication and project management system for a major customer was spread over multiple programs/tools, causing a lack of flexibility and visibility across the account. As a result, SITA was unable to monitor progress effectively. Additionally, because the team were not using cloud-based tools, it made remote working difficult.

Tony Willers, Manager Service Solution, at SITA, says: “Prior to AdaptiveWork, we used a variety of different spreadsheets identified by a unique number to track the progress of projects. However, these Excel files were held in SharePoint which meant people were failing to identify the correct spreadsheet, or suffered from lockouts.”

As a result, project team members would be chasing each other on updates and vital information, and furthermore the finance team would not know when it could send out invoices.

The Use Case

SITA considered a number of options when it came to resolving the issues surrounding communication, visibility, and flexibility in managing its projects. One thing that was clear to the team was that they needed a cloud-based provider to enable employees to work more effectively from remote locations.

After evaluating AdaptiveWork and the advantages of its cloud-based, end-to-end platform, the team presented the idea to SITA management and highlighted how it could help them resolve a number of issues. After one meeting, the decision was made to use AdaptiveWork across the entire account.

SITA was particularly impressed by the software’s simplicity and ability to seamlessly consolidate tasks, which allowed workers to not only access projects tasks in real-time but to also make alterations and updates regardless of geographic location.

The company also previously had concerns about information and data being held on people’s laptops, and shared by a variety of means. Finding a cloud-based work management solution alleviated those concerns by putting everything on a secure shared platform.

Tony Willers notes: “Teams can now work on projects anytime, anywhere – and do so safely.”

The Results

The results speak for themselves: over 1,500 projects have gone through AdaptiveWork since it was deployed by SITA in January 2016. As a result, employee productivity has increased both remotely and in-office, reducing both costs and delays in getting projects finished on time.

Tasks are now allocated more efficiently and with over 100 people registered on the system and more than 80 daily users, visibility and communication has dramatically increased thanks to the fact users can now share information and update each other, as well as other stakeholders, instantaneously.

Tony Willers explains: “We are now allocating internal costs far more effectively, identifying them by name and type to improve visibility, tracking and resource allocation. AdaptiveWork even lets managers identify when people have ‘whitespace’ in their calendars, so they know if teams have the capacity to take on additional revenue or CSI tasks.”

He adds: “AdaptiveWork provides us with insights into exactly how we are using our resources and boosts our business agility. We are able to identify weaknesses and act upon them quickly to boost efficiency.”

The Key Benefits:

  • 360-degree view: By giving all relevant employees access to a single system that consolidated all the project into a single workflow, all levels of the company – from senior management to ground-floor team members – can see how projects are evolving in real-time.
  • Improved communication: As a global business, with operations involving a number of third parties, the integration of AdaptiveWork allows project teams to collaborate and communicate much more efficiently – allowing real-time updates and reporting with third parties involved in specific projects.
  • Increased flexibility: The cloud-based system gives employees much more freedom in working remotely, as the end-to-end service, which ensures all data is solidified, allows for alterations, updating and reporting to be made regardless of employee location.
“AdaptiveWork has helped us to become more efficient, enabling us to easily allocate internal costs, better manage resources and provide teams with the visibility they need on projects. We thought consolidating our multiple programs and tools into one system would be challenging, but Planview was with us every step of the way and made the process as seamless as possible.”

- Tony Willers, Manager Service Solution at SITA

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