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Resource Planning, Prioritization, Demand, Visibility: Essential Guides for Today’s Savvy PMO

Resource planning to visibility: Top PMO Competencies

Evolve into a Multi-Faceted Strategic Partner

Ready to elevate your PMO’s successes beyond governance and on-time project delivery? Advance your PMO’s practices across visibility, demand and prioritization, resource planning, and agile ways of working. See how the Savvy PMO grows these 4 essential competencies to achieve the next levels of creating business value.

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The Savvy PMO integrates planning and delivery – from demand and prioritization, to resource planning, new ways of working, and beyond

Confidently deliver high-value work that matters to your business. A Savvy PMO knows how!

A Savvy PMO is exceptional at resource planning and ensuring work alignment to strategy, with just enough governance. People and teams are focused on projects that drive the most value for their organization, achieving on-time, on-budget delivery.

With capabilities and best practices in place, the Savvy PMO can turn on a dime, helping their organization quickly adapt when opportunities arise, conditions change, or priorities shift.

As a Savvy PMO, you evolve beyond centralizing projects into project portfolio management (PPM), growing proficiency in:

  • Work intake and demand management
  • Prioritization and alignment
  • Resource planning and management
  • Work delivery, no matter how your teams work
  • Visibility and reporting

Take the next step with these essential how-to guides for resource planning, prioritization, managing demand, and more. Use the interactive checklist at the end of each guide to fast track your path to become a Savvy PMO.

Visibility Chart

The Savvy PMO’s Guide to Visibility and Reporting

It’s all about visibility for projects and beyond. Today’s PMO leader enables critical insights for critical decision-making to mitigate risk, capitalize on new opportunities, and deliver what customers want faster.

View the eBook: The Savvy PMO’s Guide to Visibility and Reporting

“It [Planview] has taken us from being a very disparate organization around projects to all focusing in now on each other’s needs. We prioritize based upon return on investment… mapping from start to finish the execution, work intake, and now we’re also doing post-implementation reviews to make sure we get the return on investment that we set out to accomplish.”

Michael Havison

Portfolio Director, Parkview Health