About Planview

Every day, your business juggles a complex set of goals: satisfy customers, grow market share, build the brand, launch new products… enhance the company’s bottom line.

You achieve these goals through a wide variety of ways – from enterprise-wide initiatives to the day-to-day impact of small, collaborative teams.

What stands between you and those goals is the age-old business conundrum: too many things to do, not enough people and money for all the opportunities you see for your organization. And business just keeps moving faster and faster.

Planview Portfolio and Resource Management: No Matter How You Work

Our solutions help companies with this fundamental problem–making smarter strategic decisions about how to best use your resources, no matter what type of work they’re associated with.

Planview Enterprise and Projectplace provides the industry’s most comprehensive approach that supports and unifies:

  • Project collaboration,
  • Traditional project management,
  • Portfolio planning for agile projects through integrations with leading agile ALM tools, and
  • Enterprise-wide portfolio and resource management.

This gives our customers a real-time view of what their resources are working on across the board, while empowering them to plot out corporate strategy, make the right tradeoffs to optimize portfolios, build financial and departmental plans, and execute with confidence.

With complete visibility into their resources, their organizations can dynamically respond to change – because change happens to all of us.

What Motivates Us

Customer Success

If one thing keeps us up at night, it is your success. We don’t call it success until you do. It’s what drives us, and informs our customer-centric culture. Our customers agree, and say it’s a responsiveness that makes us unique.

Our customers span the globe and industries, and we are excited when we see the measurable business results they achieve using our solutions.


Great things come from the opportunity to focus, and for 25 years we have had a single focus on portfolio and resource management.

Every dollar of R&D goes into portfolio, resource, and work management. It’s one reason we stand out with analysts. Forrester says that Planview remains a leader in a quickly changing market, while Gartner places us in the Leaders Quadrant with a Strong Positive Rating (get the reports here).


We innovate relentlessly in everything we do–from our products, to our services, to our customer community.

Because we only do one thing, we have no choice: we must always aspire to be the best. We’re forever pushing ourselves and the industry to redefine what portfolio and resource management can do – from transforming our company for cloud leadership [read the blog post here] to delivering solutions designed to help you manage your people and projects more flexibly and effectively than you ever have before.

It’s one reason organizations and teams from around the globe choose us to help them manage their resources in:

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