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Planview Enterprise

Optimize the portfolios at the core of your business

Your business is driven by a broad range of portfolios – investments, projects, applications, products, and services are just a few examples. Planview Enterprise is an end-to-end portfolio and resource management solution that allows you to integrate the planning and execution of those portfolios.

The impact of any business application is measured by its ability to turn data into information that leads to better decisions. Unique to Planview Enterprise, and a major benefit to you, is a focus on rich portfolio analytics and reporting that provides the visibility you need to make the decisions that drive the business forward.

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Planview Enterprise enables you to:

  • Capture demand – market, internal, and customer
  • Prioritize portfolios – projects, applications, products, and services
  • Optimize organizational capacity – people, financial, and assets
  • Link plans to execution – project and resource management
  • Manage end-to-end financials – plans and actuals
The result is a centralized platform that establishes enterprise-wide visibility into the use of resources against demands.
Video: Cloud-based Integrated Planning and Execution in 2 minutes
Video: Cloud-based Integrated Planning and Execution in 2 minutes


Planview Enterprise helps you to choose the opportunities that fuel innovation and competitive advantage while making sure you have the capital and the resources to deliver. With built-in scenario planning capabilities you can also predict potential challenges and constraints, while optimizing capacity, to develop a roadmap that the organization can deliver.


Effective execution is adaptive execution. Planview has what you need to execute effectively. Planview Enterprise provides resource and project management capabilities that allow you to improve delivery, gain status visibility, and course correct in flight on structured initiatives. Integration of Projectplace gives your teams the power to collaborate quickly and execute on point on short-term projects. With our flexible approach you can also integrate a variety of enterprise applications into Planview Enterprise including leading Agile ALM solutions to achieve cross-organizational resource and project management. Your enterprise becomes more agile, more unified, and sharpens its ability to execute.

Leverage Planview Enterprise for your Portfolios


  • Get visibility into project performance across all types of work
  • Align demand with corporate strategy
  • Allocate resources to the right work, structured or collaborative
  • Optimize investments and capacity to deliver
Planview Enterprise: Project Portfolio Analytics
Planview Enterprise: Project Portfolio Analytics


  • Determine the right balance of projects
  • Improve time-to-market and manage resources for product delivery
  • Mitigate risk delivering the products to market
  • Capture the total cost of development
Datasheet: Product Portfolio Management


Planview Enterprise is Skyhigh Enterprise-Ready certified by CSA

Planview Enterprise is Skyhigh Enterprise-ReadySkyhigh Enterprise-Ready cloud services fully satisfy the most stringent requirements for data protection, identity verification, service security, business practices, and legal protection.

Planview Enterprise is AICPA certified

Planview Enterprise is AICPA certifiedPlanview Enterprise is AICPA certified.