Redefine Decision-Making with AI

The Planview AI-enabled Platform empowers business and delivery leaders with unprecedented data connectivity and visibility needed to make confident strategic decisions and deliver better business outcomes.

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Unlock your inner data scientist

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is breaking into mainstream use, and at Planview we’ve never been more excited! As a leader in Strategic Portfolio Management, Adaptive Portfolio Management, Value Stream Management, and Enterprise Agile Planning, our AI-enabled platform bridges disparate data silos to connect and create actionable insights that can be shared across the organization. With AI-based features now available as part of the Planview Platform for Connected Work everyone can be empowered – from the board room to the team room – with tangible intelligence that makes everyone an expert.

“By leveraging AI capabilities across the Planview Platform, we build on our position as a digital transformation system of record to become a system of connected intelligence. We’re using AI to seamlessly tap into and synthesize the vast amounts of data that exist across all organizations to change how strategic decisions are made. That’s extremely powerful.”

Razat Gaurav

Razat Gaurav

Chief Executive Officer, Planview


Harness the collective intelligence of your enterprise

Planview’s AI-powered capabilities extract meaningful insights from the data across your organization to navigate uncertainty and drive better business outcomes.

  • Increase decision-making confidence

    Understand the data relationships and analytic levers in the context of strategy, planning, and delivery. Access unique insights across teams, tools, and systems to responsibly create connected data visibility.
  • Attain faster, better insights

    Make better and faster decisions with predictive modeling, forward-looking simulations, and comparative data analysis. Overcome potential risks, re-allocate investments, and pivot plans before disruption occurs.
  • Make everyone an expert

    Enable everyone across the organization to become a data science expert. Converse with and question your data using your everyday language to prioritize and surface the most impactful actions and insights.

“With Planview Copilot, our generative AI assistant, we are providing a conversational interface that shifts the focus from needing to understand complex data analytics software and data science to simply interacting conversationally with the AI to get work done.”

Dr. Richard Sonnenblick

Dr. Richard Sonnenblick

Chief Data Scientist, Planview


Planview Copilot makes even the smartest minds smarter

As businesses race against time to survive and thrive in an age of digital disruption, even the most successful and experienced business and delivery leaders can use a little help from a knowledgeable advisor to analyze vast quantities of data, assist with decision making, and put plans in motion. Planview Copilot is that knowledgeable advisor.

See Planview Copilot in action

See how Planview Copilot can help you:

  • Synthesize and gain meaningful insights from complex data
  • Understand performance relative to comparable benchmarks
  • Resolve obstacles using recommended best practices
  • Perform time-consuming tasks with a click of a button
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Join Planview on the AI journey

AI has evolved into a transformative technology that can help organizations synthesize large data sets, create new content, predict scenarios, and augment human decision-making. It is quickly becoming a necessity for how the enterprise interacts and uses its data.

By integrating generative AI and machine learning capabilities into the Planview Platform we can empower organizations to make significant advances in their ability to achieve business outcomes. By rapidly bridging insight and intelligence gaps that may exist across the business, we can foster faster pivots, speed time to value, and enable confident strategic decisions. And, sometimes it’s as easy as having a conversation with your data!

Join us for an Executive Briefing as we share how we are using AI to drive transformation and change, and how we can put AI to work within your organization today.

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Mik + One Podcast

Join Planview CTO Mik Kersten and technology visionary George Kadifa as they discuss generative AI and its potential impact on the tech industry. George discusses how generative AI has changed the conversation with machines, allowing them to generate new content, code, images, and videos in a multi-modal fashion.

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Mik Kersten

Dr. Mik Kersten

Chief Technology Officer, Planview

George Kadifa

George Kadifa

Managing Director, Sumeru Equity Partners

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