Integrating Azure DevOps and Jira has never been easier

Bi-directionally synchronize Jira features, stories, defects, tasks, and many other work items to Microsoft Azure DevOps Server or Services to instantly reflect up-to-the-minute data and status in boards, reports, and dashboards.

Why integrate Jira with Azure DevOps?

It’s not uncommon that within a single organization, multiple development tools or multiple instances of a specific tool, are used. This may be due to team preference, mergers and acquisitions, or diverging technology needs. Whatever the reason, teams still need to collaborate, and managers still need cross-tool visibility on development activity and performance.

If your engineering teams are using a combination of Jira and Azure DevOps and they’re struggling to collaborate effectively, integration is the solution. Integration synchronizes work items and subsequent updates within seconds, including status, fields, relationships, comments, and attachments.

With integration, your teams can leverage Jira’s issue-tracking and planning capabilities alongside Azure DevOps’ development tools, while facilitating progress tracking and coordination, without any of the overhead:

  • Save time for your engineers: Eliminate data duplication or swivel-chairing between tools
  • Improve data accuracy and quality: Avoid human error and poor data fidelity
  • Boost collaboration: Get updates and exchange comments instantly
  • Centralize visibility for managers: Easily see the status of work from a single location
  • Automate traceability: Sit back and let the integration insert backlinks for seamless audits
  • Provide more autonomy: Allow each development team to use the tool that best meets their needs

Need cross-tool traceability for compliance and auditing purposes? Integration automatically creates traceable links between work items to provide more accurate compliance reporting.

Integrating Azure DevOps and Jira has never been easier. View a side-by-side demo video.

How to integrate Azure DevOps and Jira Software Server using Planview Hub

Planview Hub provides scalable, sophisticated near real-time integrations to remove manual efforts and overhead. Our intuitive, no-code application allows admins to implement integration scenarios quickly and easily, tailored to your specific needs. Planview Hub is 4x faster to set up and 10x easier to maintain and scale than any other integration solution out there.

See how teams collaborate on a project that crosses tools. See how a feature in Azure DevOps becomes an epic in Jira, and how child stories created in Jira flow back to ADO as child PBIs (product backlog items).

Watch Integration DemoJira + Azure DevOps

Planview Hub delivers software integrations for every tool in your value stream

Get more people building software and less people manually duplicating information between tools. With Planview integrations, you can restore tens of thousands of hours of productivity to your workforce. Let teams work in their tools of choice and let Planview take care of the data exchange.

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“[Planview] helps us drive improved efficiency via integration of best-of-breed tooling, without sacrificing collaboration, visibility or traceability. Each application has fit-for-purpose capabilities that my specialists need to do their job with greater efficiency. The integration reliably handles the data exchange between the tools, such that we can focus on building the best digital health products in the industry.”

Telus Health

Jody Kieran

Director of Technology, Delivery and Software Development, Telus Health

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“What changed since we started using Planview? BMW has transformed itself into a completely Agile working organization. Today we can integrate different software products much faster than before.”

BMW Group

René Te-Strote

Senior It Project Lead, Geometrical Development Design, BMW Group

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“In Planview, we have found a partner to replace several manual operations and in-house tools with a single robust and reliable traceability solution.”

Panasonic Automotive

Michael Zey

Head of IT Tooling, Panasonic Automotive Systems Europe

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