NPD Portfolio Management

Accelerate projects through the gated development process

See how the new product development (NPD) capabilities in PPM Pro streamline the gated product development process.

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  • Centralize the gated commercialization process to speed time-to-market

    Accelerate R&D productivity by providing a single system for managing the gated product development process, eliminating cumbersome spreadsheets and presentations stored on desktops and shared file folders. Empower your team members to move quickly and confidently through stages and gates with prescriptive templates and milestones built into project execution to avoid missed steps and mitigate project risk. Whether you’re just getting started or have been using a gated process for years, having a single source of truth for product development reduces cost and improves the likelihood of on time delivery.
    • Repeatability: Streamline the idea-to-launch process by using project schedule and gate deliverable templates to drive efficiency – reduce project risk by incorporating activities and deliverables from each cross-functional team involved in getting products to market – engineering, legal, packaging, market, financial, operations, and supply chain
    • Visibility: Provide transparency into every product development project, regardless of where it is in the process, using out-of-the box metrics, analytics, and dashboards that executives and engineers alike are eager to consume
    • Flexibility: Configure custom gate screens for gatekeepers, process owners, and product teams to reflect the unique scoring metrics of your product lines, using different fields and criteria for innovative new product development versus simple line extensions and minor product/packaging changes
  • Evaluate and compare multiple scenarios to ensure the best portfolio mix

    Stop saying YES to every good idea that comes into the organization and start making smart decisions within the context of resource capacity and project throughput. Define and complete project scorecards that will help the company achieve its strategic product development objectives. Arrange your product pipeline to ensure the most impactful projects are included in the NPD portfolio and completed on time.
    • Calculate Value: Determine the benefit of each project using configurable fields based on your company’s specific KPIs to perform side by side comparisons of projects for inclusion in the NPD portfolio – using the same money and resources, select higher value projects that will deliver the best benefit to the company, customers, and shareholders
    • Analyze What-Ifs: Gain a fact-based understanding of what can actually be accomplished given resource, financial, technical, and portfolio constraints, and compare potential outcomes in order to determine the set of projects that will drive the most revenue without overloading your resources
    • Decide on Go/Kill: Empower product development leaders to make project and portfolio decisions with confidence by showing them the potential impact of go/kill decisions within the project portfolio
  • Select higher value projects that will deliver more product revenue

    Focus your two most precious resources – your people and your money – on the projects and products that will have the greatest impact on your company’s bottom line. Increase margin by reducing the cost of manual project and portfolio management – spend more time engineering innovative products and less time managing spreadsheets. Simplify the NPD portfolio analysis process and proactively evaluate potential market scenarios that could potentially impact your ability to deliver.
    • Target: Outline the product strategy in order to achieve corporate objectives and ensure that each project in the portfolio is well-aligned to contribute in achieving success
    • Monitor: Evaluate progress on in-flight product development projects to be able to proactively circumvent potential roadblocks and delays that could threaten to derail your path to innovation success
    • Balance: Adjust the mix of projects within the portfolio to quickly respond to competitive pressure, regulatory changes, and market conditions, without the madness of scrambling for data – spend your precious time doing analysis not gathering
  • Ensure the right resources are available to deliver projects on time

    Reap the incredible benefits associated with visibility into resource capacity. Ensure the right resources are available to take on new work before giving projects the green light. Take advantage of detailed resource schedules to shift resources to the highest value projects, easily pivot when delays occur, and improve on-time execution across your entire portfolio of products. Resource management and capacity planning is the key to successfully launching products to market on time.
    • Determine Capacity: Categorize all resources by key attributes (including role, skill, location, and rate), and block off time that is unavailable for work to show true capacity, thereby informing resource forecast and staffing activities
    • Manage Availability: Monitor ongoing demand on resources with in-flight projects to protect resources from being overloaded and potentially delaying project completion and ultimately product launch
    • Measure Utilization: Leverage resource usage to be able to adjust and pivot to new ideas entering the pipeline and be able to use historical actuals to better estimate future resource requirements
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  • Share portfolio performance dashboards and deliver flexible analytics

    Visualize project status, resource impact, total cost of development, and portfolio mix using configurable, out-of-the-box dashboards and reports to drive NPD value. Real-time analytics simplify your efforts to provide actionable data for key product development stakeholders. Publish project and NPD portfolio information to ensure that all decision makers understand product development progress. Never again waste time digging for gate deliverables and critical data necessary to make important product portfolio decisions.
    • Improve Visibility: Measure every aspect of your NPD portfolio and the entire gated commercialization process, with the ability to slice information in any number of ways – product line, gate, process performance, portfolio mix, as examples – all to decrease the risk of launch delays and ultimately a negative impact on revenue forecasts
    • Decrease Manual Effort: Reduce the time and cost associated with manually gathering data and building reports that are out of date the instant they are printed – instead take advantage of our out of the box configurable reports, dashboards, and KPIs that are built on industry best practices of how leading companies analyze and manage their projects, resources, and portfolios
    • Achieve Success: Improve time to market, increase the value of the NPD portfolio, apply resources to the highest priority projects, and reduce the total cost of development – accomplishing these strategic objectives requires product development organizations to start with the end in mind when considering which reports are needed to measure your NPD process and drive the desired outcomes.
  • Partner with internal and external innovators in an open environment

    Provide a place where product teams can innovate and collaborate, whether they’re sitting down the hall from each other or halfway around the globe. Using Projectplace for product team work collaboration ends common questions like, “Is this activity complete?” and “Is this the most current version of the document?” Keep discussions out of email and make them accessible in the context of the project so product development stays on track.
    • Interact: Break down geographical and organizational barriers with real-time conversations on tasks, documents, and tagged topics, and gather critical feedback needed to execute key deliverables
    • Organize: Provide product teams with an easy-to-use platform for open innovation and collaboration, with out-of-the-box workspaces, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards for work management
    • Status: Share progress on work with team members and stakeholders alike, without the hassle of manually tracking people down, overwhelming inboxes, or formal status reports
    Learn more about collaborative work management »
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NPD Portfolio Management

is just one powerful PPM Pro feature

Propelling your PMO to the next level is easy when your team has the best project portfolio management software.

  • Project Portfolio Management

    Establish a centralized project portfolio. Achieve visibility into projects and resources to enable governance and improved execution across your organization.

  • Project Intake Management

    Capture project requests, new ideas, and work without suffering from intake overload. Manage work demand through scoring and prioritization of the requests that bring the most value.

  • Project Prioritization Alignment

    Prioritize work to align with the business and create more value. Align projects to meet business goals with a top-down approach to scoring and prioritizing work.

  • Requests

    Know that your people and teams are working on the right projects. Improve on-time project delivery execution and view resources by role or skill set and availability to analyze utilization.

  • Project Time Tracking

    Track hours and costs for work. Drive accountability and performance by knowing who is working on what; promote adoption with user-friendly mobile access.

  • Project Management Dashboards and Reports

    Use real-time analytics to measure and manage projects and resources. Get insight with standard metrics, ad-hoc reports, and easily share dashboards with stakeholders.

  • NPD Portfolio Management

    Centralize the gated commercialization process and quickly get the right ideas to market. Compare scenarios to ensure the right NPD portfolio mix to achieve your product strategy.

  • Project Team Collaboration Tools

    Manage tasks and project execution in collaborative workspaces that bring teams together. Capture project information that feeds into your PPM Pro projects for tracking and visibility.

  • Project Budget Management

    Manage forecasts, budgets, and expenses, and track plans vs. actuals to catch opportunities for charge-backs and savings with PPM Pro.

  • Cloud-based Project Management

    PPM Pro is globally hosted in Amazon’s EC2 cloud platform and is SOC 2 Type II verified for security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

  • Predictive Portfolio Analysis

    Use predictive analytics to accelerate project portfolio planning. Build scenarios to determine highest-value work that can be achieved given budget or labor constraints.

  • Gantt Charts

    Show the progress of projects in your portfolio with integrated Gantt chart capabilities.

  • Portfolio Management for Agile

    Gain visibility into agile work and ensure your team members are tracking release progress to align the portfolio to business strategy.

  • Security

    Learn how Planview ensures customer data is kept secure and private while using PPM Pro.

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“Planview PPM Pro fills the gap between the dispersed data and the people who need it. Planview PPM Pro enables us to generate high-level to granular-level reports specific to the user so the people who need the data have the data without having to dig for it.”

Michelle Bates

Director of the PMO at Purdue University

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  • Create standards for data loads and custom actions
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